Precious Snowflakes? Bring Out Your Blowtorches!

If you haven't been watching Last Man Standing on ABC, you better get your act together. While generally panned by critics (whom we can all agree, don't matter), it has been a big hit for the TV network, lasting for six seasons so far.  It stars America's beloved Tim Allen, as the marketing director for a Bass Pro Shop style chain of stores.

The show's really about this traditional, conservative guy living with four women, and his struggles with staying true to things like manliness, American values, and a no-nonsense love for guns and the outdoors.

Watch a few episodes, and you'll see his many jabs at Obama and Hillary Clinton. He often references Benghazi and Obamacare. Yep, there's an American sitcom that is unafraid to call out the liberal elite at every turn. So much so, that it's become pretty much the goal of the show: how can we offend Democrats today?

According to Tim Allen, though, the show has its share of liberal writers. So either they're pandering to conservative viewers, or even they hate their own ideology.

While the show does have liberal characters who are allowed to share their views openly (unlike most liberal-based shows that refuse to do the same for conservatives), each show ends with Allen's character sharing his conservative, traditional, and very frequently Biblical-based beliefs.

Plus the show's a laugh riot.

Over the last year, we've seen the rise of a unique breed of college liberals, ones who call themselves "social justice warriors." An ironic name, considering these are people who refused to join the military and probably never handled a gun. I doubt their favorite books even feature warriors like Conan the Barbarian. They probably read Twilight or Harry Potter.

But these out-of-touch, selfish, privileged children have launched a crusade attacking anyone that differs from their radical, soundless ideas. These aren't inspired young people who just want equality for all (that fight was won over 50 years ago). These are spoiled brats who want to redefine genders (apparently gender is a fluid thing, with over 50 different options to choose from) despite what biology says.

These are people who attack free speech when conservatives like Milo Yiannopoulos- a gay British tech editor- want to appear on their campus and discuss Trump.  Apparently, these social justice warriors' real enemy is free speech, as anyone with a different opinion is bullied, branded a bigot, and threatened with violence.

Quite ironic for people who claim to protect civil liberties.

This clutch of college students has all but been coddled by universities, who indulge these overgrown babies with safe spaces. Instead of toughening up the future of our country, professors provide "trigger warnings" if a subject might upset a student. We've talked about how Trump's victory caused no end of trauma for these children and how schools had to provide puppies and Play-Doh for them to feel good again.

I've gone over how colleges are supposed to challenge your beliefs. They are supposed to train you for your future profession and in some way prepare for the endless deluge of resistance, disappointment, and failure that comes when you venture out into a career.

These so-called warriors are so weak, they need professors to act as surrogate mothers, offering counseling because conservatives think differently than they do.

A better name for these people is Precious Snowflakes.

Much of our media and pop culture have ignored this epidemic of the mind. Honestly, our lazy movies, exploitative music, and distasteful television of the last twenty years helped create these people. But there's one show that isn't afraid to put these snowflakes in their place. You guessed it: Last Man Standing.

In the tradition of calling out liberal hypocrisy and stupidity, a recent episode singled out the dubious practice of safe spaces and trigger warnings on college campuses.

On ABC’s ‘Last Man Standing,’ comedian Tim Allen took aim at liberal college campuses and their attack on free speech in an episode titled ‘Precious Snowflake.’

In the episode, Allen – playing conservative American father Mike Baxter – is preparing a speech to deliver at his daughter Mandy’s school when she informs him the institution will need to check the speech for microaggressions.

“Microaggressions?” he asks. “You mean, like, ‘midget warriors’?”

“No,” replies Mandy. “They’re objectionable words or phrases. For instance, ‘midget warriors.'”

Baxter retorts, “I know what microaggressions are. It’s the latest liberal attack at free speech. And a lot of fun if you do ’em right.” (via Milo)

This wonderful episode explores the deplorable state of the American campus, where ideas are branded illegal and the thought police attack free speech. Allen's character laments how the very freedoms that allow people to go to college to make a career for themselves are being jeopardized by the very colleges they attend.

The vehicle for the discussion is his daughter Mandy, who is an on-again, off-again liberal. She has bought into the bogus propaganda of her school, that America is an oppressive regime that prevents people from achieving success. Allen then takes Mandy to an old shop to show her how a young Pakistani woman was able to go from a humble business to a successful chain.

This is the real thrust of the episode: the war that the left is fighting on the minds of our people. We can laugh at the stupidity of these precious snowflakes who think they're warriors, but the fact remains they are pawns in a larger game.

The left wants us to believe that America is a corrupt system that works to prevent certain people from attaining success- that the notion that if you work hard, you will be successful is only true if you're a rich white man. Forget all the success stories of people who came from humble, even terrible situations to become great successes. Forget the incredible progress we've made in this nation to protect the rights of all Americans, thanks to the Civil Rights Act and other measures.

Liberals want you to believe America is stuck in the 1860's.  Not because it's true, but because it creates a platform from which they can assume more power.

Precious snowflakes are simply buying into this lie because it caters to their own self-interests. Why do you think Bernie Sanders, an old white Socialist from Vermont, was able to win over so many college students? What does he have in common with them? Nothing, except that he harped on the perceived injustices in our system, promising to provide free college tuition to every student.

Oh! Big surprise all the snowflakes supported him!

Groups like Black Lives Matter and others with radical social agendas know our country is far better off than it's ever been, thanks to the tireless work of generations passed.  Today we have more opportunities than any other nation for someone looking to achieve success. But admitting that doesn't give them air time on CNN or sell their latest book. Provoking young, stupid college students with lies does. And that's why they do it.

So we see large swaths of a generation swallow lies that make them weaker, more selfish, and unequipped to deal with real life when it gets hurled in their face.  Most offices don't provide safe spaces, kiddos. And you can complain all day about gender fluidity and trigger warnings.  But if you can't cut it in the corporate world, you're going to be serving coffee for a long time.

The only solution is to apply the heat of facts and logic to these precious snowflakes and watch them melt. Perhaps they will learn from this trial by fire and grow into better people.

Hopefully sooner rather than later. We can't afford it any other way.

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