Pollster Claims Women's March, #MeToo Will Greatly Influence U.S. Midterms

Unlike every other period in American history, millions of Americans are excited about the mid-term elections. A series of elections that will decide some seats in Congress and many other smaller offices is suddenly as important as the Presidential election. It’s quite remarkable. But it makes a lot of sense.

Ever since Donald Trump became president, intense focus has been placed on our government. Normally after an election, Americans kind of fall asleep. Sure, they are aware of who’s in charge. The most rabid fans continue to follow the antics of the POTUS. But most of us get back to our daily lives once the Inauguration is over. Not these days.

Because of the drastic upset (for the left) of the 2016 election, the media has been in overdrive. The liberal-focused media cannot forgive themselves for letting this happen. So, they’ve determined to oppose Trump’s administration at every turn. That has put much more attention on the day-to-day affairs of the White House. On the other hand, conservatives and Trump supporters feel under siege by the left. It has emboldened them to push their cause all the more.

It has resulted in historic importance being placed on what would otherwise be routine elections. Sure, majorities can be decided in both the House and Senate. But let’s be honest. Republicans in D.C. have hardly been supportive of the President. If they lose out to the Democrats, it won’t make a damn difference.

And to the “#resistance” good luck with impeaching Trump if you get more seats. I’ll enjoy that failed attempt.

Regardless, the media has been hyping up this November. Much like they did in 2016, they are convinced a large swath of Americans will rally together and vote the way they want them to. I have a feeling the established media is going to be upset, once again.

But one liberal pollster decided to take matters into her own hands. And by that I mean, she decided to invent a new narrative to back her wildest dreams.

Women angry at President Donald Trump may come out in droves to the 2018 elections, a Democratic pollster claimed.

“This is the 'Me Too,' Women's March election, and I think you're really going to see that really power much bigger turnout among women, especially unmarried women, and increasingly college-educated women who are high-turnout voters,” pollster Nancy Zdunkewicz told Hill TV’s Joe Concha. “They are really not fans of this president.” (Daily Wire)

That’s right. The Women’s March and the #MeToo movement are going to form a perfect storm that will drive Donald Trump out of office. Finally! After all these months, Donald Trump is going to get what he deserves.

There are just a few problems with this narrative. The biggest being it’s a crock.

Remember the Women’s March? Lol, me neither. Apparently, it’s still a thing. A day after Trump was ushered into power, an (admittedly large) number of women descended onto Washington to protest. Protest what, you may ask? We weren’t sure. Trump had literally just entered office. He hadn’t done a single thing to help or hurt women.

Clearly, the Women’s March was more of a hissy fit that Hillary Clinton would not become the first woman president. It had zero goals other than that.

Even after that pointless day, the group is allegedly still around. There’s a big problem, of course. It has zero reputation—after many terrible, public choices.

The Women’s March was planned for the day after Trump’s inauguration, before Trump even instituted a single policy. The organizers of the march have since displayed anti-Semitic tendencies, like continuing to support Louis Farrakhan (who has praised Adolf Hitler and accused President George W. Bush of masterminding the 9/11 attacks). The Women’s March organizers have also praised domestic terrorists who killed police officers and celebrated dictators. (Daily Wire)

One of the faces of the Women’s March became Linda Sarsour. Remember her? No, you probably don’t. She was the Muslim American who somehow both a supporter of Sharia law and feminism simultaneously. Yep, that lady. Not a great spokesperson for a movement that’s supposed to defend women’s rights. Sharia law treats women as second-class citizens, after all. Kind of hurt the entire organization, if you ask me.

In addition to that, the Women’s March endorsed known terrorists and cop-killers. Yeah, not winning over Middle America with those chestnuts, ladies.

But that’s okay! The tarnished reputation of WM won’t stop the growing tide of #MeToo supporters from kicking Trump in the proverbial balls.

Yeah, the thing is, the #MeToo movement has exposed many ugly, vile, sexist people. Many of whom were liberals. Harvey Weinstein was a mega-Democrat. So was Kevin Spacey, Al Franken, and Matt Lauer.

The bigger flaw in this pollster’s argument is that the mid-terms will not have any bearing on Donald Trump. He’s not up for reelection until 2020. The shifting of power in Congress will have some legislative repercussions, but they won’t dare impeach him. It seems like this poll is all hot air.

If anyone is really concerned that these movements will sway the election for Democrats, rest assured that Zdunkewicz only talked to women who supported the sustained outrage campaigns.

"I went and spoke with some of them in focus groups, and they sound like a base group for Democrats,” she told Concha. “They really dislike him and everything he stands for.” (Daily Wire)

Lol, okay. This pollster only sampled angry, Democrat women. Not a great way to get accurate results. And they wonder why few people trust polling, these days.

The fact remains many American women don’t even identify as feminist. Today, that term has become synonymous with man-hating for many. Newsflash Zdunkewicz: most women don’t hate men as much as feminists do. They don’t like seeing the men in their lives painted as ugly monsters. So, they’ve distanced themselves from your toxic movement.

That also means they support a president who is helping lower the female unemployment rate to historic lows. There’s a good chance that candidates running this November who support the president are in a good position to win.

But by all means, keep pushing your broken narrative. Keep skewing the facts to prop up your tired, baseless anger. It’s all very entertaining.

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