Pete Buttigieg, Supporters Hit Back at Hecklers Shouting About ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’

Anti-gay protesters shouting about the biblical cities “Sodom and Gomorrah” heckled South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg multiple times during a campaign stop in Iowa Tuesday.

Two protesters interrupted Buttigieg’s speech in Fort Dodge Tuesday to shout “remember Sodom and Gomorrah,” the two cities destroyed in the Bible by sinful acts, including sodomy.

Buttigieg’s supporters began to chant “Pete! Pete!” to drown out the hecklers.

The protesters were escorted out by security.

"The good news is the condition of my soul is in the hands of God, but the Iowa caucuses are up to you," he said at the protesters were being removed.

"Remember the beauty of our democracy. Everyone here gets the exact same voice and vote. Feels like the numbers are on our side," he added.

Protest comes after spat with Mike Pence:

The heckling came after Buttigieg feuded with Vice President Mike Pence over the veep’s archaic views on same-sex marriage.

Buttigieg said at the LGBTQ Victory Fund National Champagne Brunch in Washington that if Pence has “a problem with who I am, your problem is not with me -- your quarrel, sir, is with my creator."

"If me being gay was a choice, it was a choice that was made far, far above my pay grade," he said. "And that's the thing I wish the Mike Pences of the world would understand.”

Pence accused Buttigieg of attacking his “Christian faith.”

“All of us have our own religious convictions. Pete has his convictions, I have mine,” Pence said. "I hope that Pete will offer more to the American people than attacks on my Christian faith or attacks on the President as he seeks the highest office in the land … he'd do well to reflect on the importance of respecting the freedom of religion of every American."

"I'm not critical of his faith; I'm critical of bad policies," Buttigieg later responded to Pence. "I don't have a problem with religion -- I'm religious too. I have a problem with religion being used as a justification to harm people and especially in the LGBTQ community."


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