Pete Buttigieg Releases List of Consulting Clients That Includes Insurer, Best Buy, US Agencies

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg released a list of clients he worked with while working for the consulting giant McKinsey & Co. after his time there came under scrutiny.

The list shows that Buttigieg consulted Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Best Buy, and the Canadian supermarket chain Loblaws.

Buttigieg also worked with a number of government agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency; the Natural Resources Defense Council; the U.S. Department of Defense; the U.S. Postal Service; the Department of Energy.

"Now, voters can see for themselves that my work amounted to mostly research and analysis," he said in a statement. "They can also see that I value both transparency and keeping my word. Neither of these qualities are something we see coming out of Washington, especially from this White House."

Release comes after Warren beef:

Buttigieg released the list after sparring with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who criticized Buttigieg for not being transparent about his corporate past.

Buttigieg responded by attacking Warren for not releasing tax returns for the years she worked for corporate clients, which she did on Sunday. The release showed that she earned $1.9 million over several decades.

Blue Cross cut jobs after Buttigieg consulted them:

“The insurance company was running into trouble, and two years later, in January 2009, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan cut nearly 10 percent of its workforce, after the company reported a loss of $140 million on health care plans,” Politico reported. “It had been a target for Michigan’s then-attorney general, who sued Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan multiple times and, in 2007, published a presentation titled, ‘Profits Over People: The Drive to Privatize and Destroy the Social Mission of Blue Cross and Blue Shield.’”

Buttigieg said all that happened after he left.

“I don’t know what happened in the time after I left, that was in 2007, [to] when they decided to shrink in 2009,” Buttigieg told MSNBC before criticizing Democrats proposing a Medicare for All system, which he previously supported. “Now, what I do know is there are some voices in the Democratic primary right now who are calling for a policy that would eliminate the job of every single American working at every single insurance company in the country.”


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