PayPal Bans Racist Troll Laura Loomer Over Anti-Muslim Attacks

PayPal banned far-right troll Laura Loomer from its platform Tuesday after her attacks on Muslims.

PayPal joined with other companies like Venmo and GoFundMe who have already banned Loomer, who has a history of racist attacks, The Daily Beast reported.

Prior to the ban, Loomer asked fans to donate to her PayPal account, citing her $40,000 credit card debt that she racked up while pulling pro-Trump stunts.

Loomer blamed an article on Right Wing Watch that covered her ties to United West, an anti-Muslim group labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Loomer wrote that she has also been banned from Uber, Uber Eats, and Lyft because she demanded Muslims not be allowed to work at rideshare companies.

Loomer wrote on Instagram that, like Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes, she plans on “suing all of the left wing terrorists and tech tyrants who are trying to shut me down simply because I am a Conservative Jewish woman who speaks truth about Islam.”

“I have nothing to lose anymore, so trust me when I say I will stop at nothing to make sure justice is served for the way Silicon Valley has disenfranchised me, falsely accusing me of being a white supremacist, a Nazi, anti-Muslim, a racist, a bigot, and every other smear in the book,” she ranted. “I am banned everywhere. I am banned on Twitter for exposing Jew hatred, I am banned by Uber an Lyft, I am banned from Go fund me, I am banned from Venmo, I am banned from Uber Eats. Essentially I can’t even exist in society because the actual Nazis in tech and on the left constantly ban me because I post facts.”

“How am I supposed to pay my bills?” she asked. “I can’t get a regular job because I have been accused of being a Nazi. Am I supposed to be homeless? I guess these people won’t be happy until I reach a breaking point and just die. Let’s be honest. That’s what these people want. They want me to die from all of the pressure and stress of not being able to live freely in America. They are evil and will stop at nothing to ruin people’s lives.”

"In the meantime, If you’d like to support my journalism so that I can just pay my bills on top of paying off some of the nearly $40,000 of credit card debt I’ve acquired from trying to pay for my investigations & videos which expose these people and their hypocrisy, you can do so here by sending me a check to this address:

Laura Loomer 
P.O. Box 1029, Lake Worth, Florida 33460

They want me to be homeless & die!"

Loomer should have been more thrifty with her stunts:

Loomer may have considered that incurring a $40,000 debt to pull completely pointless pro-Trump stunts was going to turn out badly.

Last week, she was arrested for trespassing at California Governor Gavin Newsom’s mansion while dressed in a poncho and sombrero to make some point about illegal immigration.

Last month, Loomer tricked several undocumented immigrants into trespassing onto House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s property, again, to make some point about illegal immigration.

After she was banned from Twitter, Loomer chained herself to the door of the company’s New York headquarters for all of two hours before asking to be cut free.


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