Paul Ryan On GOP Unity: "We're With Trump"

In the current political climate, Republican unity is more imperative than ever. This past political year has arguably been one of the most divisive times in American history. With constant opportunities for scapegoating, infighting, and division, it is critical for conservatives to stand by and support one another. As the age old saying goes, united we stand, divided we fall.

Thankfully, many GOP leaders share this unifying sentiment. A most recent example of this comes in the form of a statement by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. When asked by Fox News whether or not he and other members of the Republican Party would support President Trump or Bush Republicans, Ryan affirmed the following message:

“We already made that choice. We’re with Trump. That’s a choice we made at the beginning of the year. That’s a choice we made during the campaign, which is we merged our agendas. We ran on a joint agenda with Donald Trump. We got together with Donald Trump when he was President-elect Trump and walked through what is it we want to accomplish in the next two years. We all agreed on that agenda. We’re processing that agenda.”

In many regards, the media and progressive elites have collaboratively worked to discredit President Trump, his supporters, and conservatives as a whole. Relentless, baseless demonizations of racism, bigotry, etc. are frequently hurled at right-wingers by the political left.

The left, however, was not the only source of division for Republicans.

The 2016 Presidential election engendered a lot of infighting between Republicans during the primaries and even throughout the general election. Some conservatives wanted Trump to secure the GOP nomination while others preferred Rubio, Cruz, Bush, or another candidate. When President Trump won the nomination, hardcore supporters of other GOP candidates were highly displeased. Then, there were Republicans vehemently opposed to Trump who became known as the ‘Never Trump’ conservatives.

The emergence of the ‘Never Trump’ crowd prompted Republicans to greatly bicker amongst themselves. Countless conspiracy theories surfaced regarding whether Trump was a puppet to help Clinton get into office. Others asserted that he would be the downfall of the GOP, claiming that ‘true conservatives’ could never support Trump as President. Much of this infighting was resolved when President Trump eventually defeated Hillary Clinton, yet the aftermath of the conflict is still somewhat apparent among conservatives.

Going forward, Republicans have an obligation to take the position which mirrors Speaker Ryan’s. While nobody is asking Republicans to mindlessly agree with President Trump on every single matter, it is important to work with the President for the greater good of the GOP, and by extension, America. This means getting tax reform passed, securing the required funds to build a wall along the Southern border as a means of halting immigration, and eventually passing healthcare reform. The latter is something that Republicans have greatly struggled with. Progressives have used the GOP’s difficulty to repeal and replace Obamacare as a talking point to assert Republicans’ failure to lead effectively.

Conservatives and Republicans are stronger as a unified front. When right-wingers work together, reform gets passed, the economy thrives, and positivity and hope are conveyed to the American people. Unity among the Republican Party also makes it difficult for progressives and media hacks to assert the GOP’s incapability to get things done. It’s important for Republican leaders to remain united and in doing so, heal the unfortunate division and scapegoating which is running rampant in the United States of America.

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