NY Times Reporter Equates Volunteer Work To Child Labor

Left-wingers’ blind hatred for President Trump is crippling their grasp on sanity and ability to reach logical conclusions. As noted by Fox News, Steven Greenhouse, a New York Times reporter, justifiably came under fire after tweeting out the following asinine message about Frank Giaccio, the boy who volunteered to mow the White House lawn:

Not sending a great signal on child labor, minimum wage & occupational safety >> Trump White House lets a 10-year-old volunteer mow its lawn.

Greenhouse, like countless other liberals, is so blinded by his loathing for President Trump and his administration that he either failed to research the facts, or simply didn’t care and chose to promote his fallacious narrative instead.

Giaccio, 11, reached out to the President in a letter, expressing his desire to mow the White House lawn, also including a list of his other services. Many Americans were thoroughly impressed with Giaccio’s work ethic, energy, and vitality. He received accolades from President Trump, Press Secretary Sanders, members of the First Family, and many others. Giaccio deserves to be lauded for his hard work.

Following Greenhouse’s doltish tweet, other Twitter users rightfully gave him a piece of their minds, expressing their disagreements with Greenhouse’s twisted assertions:

Teaching kids to be self-sufficient and the value of a day's work is problematic now? FFS! My dad had me on the tractor when I was 9. #SMH

It's this type of "media" that fuels people into Trump's corner & away from Democrats. Constant PC & pussyfication/victimization. @VicNocal

Good Lord fellow where I grew up 12 year olds were driving combines and driving grain Trucks....I mowed lawns at his age all the time....

President Trump was not exploiting child labor by permitting Frank Giaccio to mow the White House lawn. Deep down, Greenhouse likely knows this whether he chooses to admit it or not; but who cares about truth and justice when an anti-Trump agenda needs to be promoted?

In yet another one of Greenhouse’s tweets, he doubled down on prior remarks, saying:

What this kid wants to do is noble, but sorry, I'm mindful of problems--I've written lots about child labor & kids being hurt by machinery.”

Quite frankly, Greenhouse would have done very well to cease typing after the first eight words of his tweet. What Giaccio did was incredibly noble and deserves to be recognized as such. One of the biggest problems in America is that too many of our leaders have fallen into the trap of providing leniency for excuses and sloth instead of promoting a strong work ethic. Giaccio is a young man that other children should look up to and aspire to imitate.

As noted by Nico Jones on Twitter, Greenhouse’s remarks are a prime example of why President Trump has such strong support. The Democratic Party is imploding, and they’re too blinded by their irrational rage, hatred, and stupidity to recognize it.

The problem with left-wingers is that they will go to any lengths to cast the President in an unfavorable light. Logic does not matter to them. Facts do not matter to them. Service to one’s country does not matter to them either. This adverse extremism sends any sane person running for the hills. Like the majority of foolish people, if the Left continues on their current course, they will inevitably become their own undoing. In many respects, liberals have already begun to self-sabotage, hence the plethora of arrests, failing movies, etc.

Next time Greenhouse decides to log onto social media and start tweeting about current events, it would be in his best interest to conduct some thorough research, since he is clearly ignorant of the obvious difference between young volunteerism and the practice of child labor. Also, while Greenhouse spouted misinformation about safety and children, he failed to note that the President provided Giaccio with safety glasses and work gloves. Presumably though, this does not fit the anti-Trump narrative, so Greenhouse’s failure to cite the facts should come as no surprise.

While Giaccio was out mowing the White House lawn, President Trump came out, greeted him, and offered his congratulations. Likewise, the White House posted a video on their Twitter page, congratulating the young man on his service; Giaccio and his father were also able to get a photograph with the President.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what America is all about. A strong work ethic is paramount to who we are as a nation, and it greatly determines whether or not one succeeds or fails in life. Based on Giaccio’s excellent performance at the White House, he will have no problem getting future work and additional clients. As for Greenhouse, he could probably learn a thing or two from the young, hardworking Frank Giaccio.

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