Northeastern University Dismisses 11 Students For Violation Covid Rules, Keeps $36K Tuition

Northeastern University said it dismissed 11 students for violating coronavirus rules and would keep their tuition, The Washington Post reports.

The university said 11 students, who were part of a study-abroad program that was moved to Boston for the semester, violated policies by gathering at a hotel room at the Westin, where students are being housed.

The students were told to take a coronavirus test and leave campus within 24 hours.

School won’t refund tuition:

The university said it would not refund their $36,500 tuition payments nor allow them to take classes online.

The students will be allowed back in the spring.

Yale health expert Gregg Gonsalves blamed the college for reopening, rather than students gathering.

“Northeastern's president is responsible not the students. The buck stops at his desk not theirs,” he said.

Coronavirus cases spike at colleges:

About 100 college communities around the US have seen infections spike since reopening amid the pandemic, according to the New York Times.

Though infections have stabilized around the country, about 100 counties where students make up at least 10% of the population have experienced their worst weeks of the pandemic since August 1.

About half of those communities are currently peaking.

Despite the surge in infections, there have not been increases in deaths. Younger people without underlying health conditions are not likely to experience the most severe symptoms and are far less likely to die.


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