No One Should Be Surprised By Low Emmy Ratings

More and more Americans are beginning to observe the interesting parallel between Hollywood performances and Hollywood “celebrities” who see fit to bash President Trump and his supporters at every turn. As noted by Fox News, the 2017 Emmy ratings took a steep decline, and many people believe the outlandish Trump bashing is to blame.

Americans are aware that the vast majority of Hollywood is nauseatingly liberal. There appears to be an unspoken rule that in order to thrive in the industry, one must hold progressive political ideologies. Now one of the beauties of America is the ability and freedom to hold whatever views one pleases and the ability to share those views. The sacred First Amendment grants all Americans the right to freedom of speech. However, that freedom does not come without consequences and for the first time, Hollywood is beginning to realize that.

Dan Gainor, Vice President of the Media Research Center, weighed in on the Emmy ratings which decreased by 2.4% from 2016:

Hollywood won’t walk away from politics. The left wants to force politics into every single aspect of our lives -- from sports to movies to the food we eat. They won’t be satisfied until we are all appropriately woke to their struggles du jour.

Gainor is correct. See, for as much as progressives preach about social justice, fairness, and equality, these sentiments only apply to people they agree with. Liberals have evidenced their disrespect and carelessness for people who view the world differently from them time and time again. In the eyes of progressives, if you don’t think like them, you’re racist, you’re bigoted, you’re a Nazi, you’re a white supremacist. The Left fails to realize that this shortsighted, ignorant conduct is one of many things that prompted Americans to support the President. Conservatives are understandably and rightfully fed up with being demonized simply for our political ideologies.

During the 2017 Emmys, Stephen Colbert and Alec Baldwin spent a considerable amount of time degrading President Trump, mocking him for not winning an Emmy award for ‘The Apprentice.’ Colbert and Baldwin need to pause and take a few steps back. President Trump is the leader of the free world, a multi-billionaire, owner of golf courses, countless estates and businesses, and more. All things considered, an Emmy pales in comparison. Colbert and Baldwin would do well to remember this before opening their mouths.

Moreover, Baldwin’s degradation of President Trump is unfathomably ironic. Has Baldwin been paying attention for the past few years? The entirety of his mediocre career depends upon him imitating and parodying the President. If Donald Trump did not exist, where would Baldwin be? Would anyone know who he is? The likelihood is slim to none. When the whole of Baldwin’s career depends on imitating President Trump, perhaps Baldwin should be a lot more humble. As the age old saying goes, ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.’

Bashing Trump is indirectly linked to the toxicity of political correctness. President Trump is many things, but politically correct is not one of them. This threatens the progressive Hollywood shills. The only way they can deal is not to debate the President on merit, but to simply resort to name calling and flagrant, fallacious accusations. Americans are sick of this and the downfall of Hillary Clinton in 2016 greatly evidenced this.

Perhaps, the Emmy attendees would do well to stay away from political grandstanding. Truthfully, it’s not helping their cause or their ratings. People who want political coverage can tune into Fox News, CNN, or ABC News. The Emmys are designed to pay tribute to Hollywood performances. Colbert, Baldwin, and others who mocked the President should remember what they’re being paid to do. If Hollywood continues to denigrate President Trump, they should expect increasingly stagnant ratings. This is yet another example of liberals self-destructing due to their own hatred and flagrant intolerance of others who hold contrasting political beliefs.

Sadly, the bashing of President Trump at the Emmys is merely a symptom of a growing disease in this nation which is a lack of respect. We do not all have to agree, but at the end of the day, we are all Americans, and that should be the great equalizer. Too many people seem to have forgotten that it’s okay to be civil, even towards those with contrasting opinions. Vilifying those who see things differently will never engender the strength, unity, or togetherness which makes America the greatest country on earth.

At this point, the success or failure of Hollywood is up to them. Whether or not their ratings improve or worsen is entirely in their hands. They’re aware of the feedback, reports, and studies. Truthfully, nobody can stop them from getting on stage and insulting the President, but people can devote their time and money to other causes if they see fit. If Hollywood is smart, they will severely tone down the political grandstanding and simply focus on entertaining the masses.

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