No, Merit-Based Immigration Isn't Racist

As DACA and other immigration matters dominate American politics, almost everyone has chosen to opine on how immigration should be conducted and who should be allowed into the country. Many left-leaning people are in favor of amnesty, DACA, and other policies which show leniency to illegal immigrants, regardless of the fact that these people have broken the law.

However, many conservatives and supporters of President Trump are in favor of building a wall, deporting illegal immigrants, and enforcing a merit-based immigration system. Democrats and progressives have conversely labeled merit-based immigration as “racist” and merely a cover for keeping black and brown immigrants out of America. These claims have been countered and disputed many times, but most people’s minds are made up.

On Wednesday, the Department of Homeland Security mandated that Haiti could no longer apply for low-skilled work vias, as documented by The Hill. The DHS cited “high levels of fraud and abuse” and a“high rate of overstaying the terms” for the revocation of the visas. Democrats unsurprisingly did not take well to this. Instead of considering that the DHS’ reason for withdrawing visa access might actually be due to abuse, Democrats immediately cried racism and asserted that the Trump administration hates immigrants of color.

Democrats have made their favoritism of programs like DACA and amnesty readily apparent. However, the misguided notion that anyone who supports merit-based immigration is merely racist has to go. There are certain realities about America and immigration. Liberals appear to be either willfully ignorant of these realities or in denial.

America has a lot of issues that are in constant competition for public attention. There are countless homeless people who were born in this country, many of whom are veterans who have fought and sacrificed for the freedoms of this nation. Many are in need of help and care. Many have made the case that the U.S. government should cease immigration altogether until it has taken care of the people that are already here first. Sadly, this is unlikely to happen. But if we are not going to prioritize problems like this, we should at least make sure that those we allow into the U.S. via immigration are capable of supporting themselves and growing the economy. We can best accomplish this through merit-based immigration.

There is a certain tragic irony to the Democrats’ disdain for merit-based immigration. When they say that these systems are strictly designed to exclude black and brown immigrants what Democrats are really doing is exposing their belief that black and brown immigrants are inherently plighted with low skills and unable to benefit the American economy. This indirect rhetoric is very interesting coming from a group of people who claim to support equality and fairness. As always, the bigotry of low expectations is strong among the Democrat Party.

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