New Poll: Most New Yorkers Don’t Want Andrew Cuomo to Run for 4th Term Amid Scandals

A large majority of New Yorkers do not want Gov. Andrew Cuomo to seek reelection for a fourth term, according to a new Siena College poll.

More than 60% of respondents said that Cuomo should not run again amid a litany of scandals related to his coronavirus response and sexual misconduct allegations from multiple women. Cuomo has denied any wrongdoing.

The poll found that 39% of New Yorkers want Cuomo to finish his term but stay out of the next election while 23% want him to resign immediately.

Only 33% of respondents said they hope Cuomo seeks a fourth term.

“Since his poll numbers took a significant hit earlier this year, Cuomo’s favorability, job performance and re-elect ratings have remained largely stable the last few months,” said poll spokesman Steven Greenberg. “But 16 months from the next gubernatorial election and less than a year from the primary, only one-third of New Yorkers—including just 43% of Democrats—think Cuomo should run for re-election.”

Few want impeachment:

Though voters are not keen on a fourth term for Cuomo, who would be the first New York governor to be elected to a fourth term since Nelson Rockefeller in 1970, they are not on board with the impeachment proceedings against him either.

Just 35% of respondents said they support impeachment compared to 45% who said they opposed it.

Cuomo has remained undeterred amid the mounting scandals, declaring in a speech on Tuesday that he plans to run again.

Impeachment subpoenas coming:

The state Assembly on Wednesday announced that it will begin issuing subpoenas in their impeachment probe, according to Politico.

The subpoenas are expected to be sent to “a whole wide range of categories of people,” said Assemblymember Tom Abinant. “This is the next step in the process, it’s a normal step, we all expected this was going to happen.”

The law firm retained by the assembly will also now be allowed to take testimony under oath.

New York Attorney General Letitia James, who is running her own probe, began issuing subpoenas in March.


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