Negan for President: He'd Do Better Than Hillary

I think it's safe to say we're experiencing things in the real world that were once relegated to movies.

When terrorists can shoot up an office party or murder over fifty party-goers in a nightclub, you know that reality is getting worse than fiction. When politicians are proven, by the FBI, to be lying under oath and breaking federal regulations, but still allowed to run for president, it makes the worst comic book villains seem tame.

When you see football ratings plummet because entitled athletes refuse to respect the American flag, well, you begin to wish that you were actually living in a TV or movie.

Who knows? Maybe the zombie apocalypse is around the corner!

Anyone following the hit TV series The Walking Dead will be very familiar with the kind of dangerous and untrustworthy characters that populate that post-apocalyptic America. Threats don't just come in the form of flesh-eating zombies, though. Some of the most potent dangers are the living, who have used the chaos and instability of a zombie-infested society to create their own, tiny dictatorships.

Perhaps the most notorious of these characters is Negan, the baseball-wielding despot who makes life for survivors even more miserable. His strangle-hold on his little kingdom is absolute; only those with a death wish would challenge him.

But from a certain point of view, he actually seems like a better candidate for president than what the democrats have coughed up this year.

Scary thought. But all that Negan can really do to you is smash up your head with a baseball bat. I'll take that over listening to Hillary Clinton laugh.

I'm not the only one seeing the comparison. Can we include this image?

Negan wants 50% of your shit. Hillary demands it all.

Posters with that text are popping up all over Los Angeles. Negan, for non-Walking Dead fans, is a tyrannical and psychopathic dictator who manages to make life even more miserable for survivors of the zombie apocalypse.

In other words, he’s really not the sort of person Hillary would want to be compared to. But that’s exactly what Sabo, the L.A. street artist behind the posters, has done.

“In the spirit of The Walking Dead’s newest villain, Negan, I drew up these posters and placed them outside of the AMC Studio offices on Santa Monica, as well as near the CNN building on Sunset Boulevard,” Sabo told The Hollywood Reporter.

“The first time I heard Negan ask for ‘50% of everything you had,’ my first thought was ‘damn, only 50%?’ And he’s asking! If democrats had their way, they’d take everything by decree.”

He’s not entirely wrong. One of Hillary’s plans, should she be elected, is to instate a tax hike that would take $1 trillion excess dollars out of citizens’ pockets.

Included in her tax policy is a 25% national gun tax. Clinton has also stated that she would not be opposed to a payroll tax hike for all Americans – including the middle class. (via Milo)

Sounds like an exaggeration? At least Negan is upfront with his tax. The left try to dupe American voters into thinking that their bloated social programs will put money back into their pockets. But they can only fund these programs by taking more money out of our economy. They claim that they'll do this by taxing the richest 1% of our society.  But it never seems to work out that way.

Obama and Hillary both used that term, the "1%." Apparently the super rich have so much money that by raising taxes on them, there will be enough cash for the rest of us. And perhaps they do. There are people in this country swimming with cash. What's a few billion off the top?

The problem is these uber elite never seem to pay their share. Why should they? If you are so rich you amount for 1% of the population, then you have the means and power to do whatever you want. Including, I dunno... say, not pay taxes? Or at the very least, manipulate the political system so that those promised tax hikes are never passed. At least not for you.

Make no mistake, should Hillary and more liberals get elected to Washington, they'll put through their big spending laws. New government programs that burn through cash like kids on prom night will be created. Yet those all important clauses that decide how to pay for them... those won't go through.

The rich will avoid paying larger taxes, but the programs will still be spending cash. So where is that money coming from? You and me!

You see, many rich people already made their money. You can't pay taxes on cash you already earned (outside of the estate tax, which is largely unconstitutional). All those elitists in Hollywood, crying on YouTube, telling you to vote for Hillary? Yeah, they're not paying taxes on the millions they got in the bank. In fact, many of them set up charitable foundations to avoid paying taxes altogether.

They know you and I will be burdened with new taxes. Taxes that will make it impossible to pay off student loan debt, buy a home, start a business, or achieve the American dream of becoming rich ourselves. The left want to turn most of us into poor serfs who are dependent on the federal government's teat to sustain us. People like that can't demand for things like freedom of speech or the right to bear arms.

Hollywood knows this, but lies to you anyway. So go one, spend thirty dollars to see the next Marvel movie, you pathetic slaves.

Democrats have been using these tactics for decades, but we're finally reaching critical mass where it can no longer be sustained. The burden of federal spending is destroying the middle class and our chances at the American dream.

Why do you think so many Millennial's live with their parents? Or why so many young people wait to get married and start a family? Because we can't afford to do otherwise! Low salaries and high taxes have created an environment where fewer and fewer people can actually live the lives they want.

But Hillary doesn't want you to realize this. She'll take and take and pretend it's someone else's fault that you can't pay off your loans or get a decent apartment. She and her liberal cronies will continue to blame the rich, championing false fronts like Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter as solutions to your problems.

All the while protecting their super rich buddies.

The worse thing Negan can do to you is hit you with a bat.

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