Nearly Half of Republicans Think Derek Chauvin Verdict Was Wrong in New Poll

The vast majority of Americans agreed with the guilty verdict in former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chavin’s trial but nearly half of Republicans think it was wrong, according to a new CBS News/YouGov poll.

Majorities of every group, including Republicans, said the jury reached the correct verdict but 46% of self-identified GOP voters disagreed.

By comparison, 90% of Democrats and 75% of independents said they believe the jury reached the correct verdict.

About 70% of white respondents agreed that the jury’s decision was correct while 93% of Black respondents supported the verdict.

In all, 75% of respondents agreed with the verdict compared to 25% who did not.

Respondents back Biden, split on BLM:

Republicans widely criticized President Joe Biden for weighing in on the trial before the verdict was reached but the poll found that 60% of Americans approve of Biden’s handling of trial and George Floyd’s death compared to 40% who disapprove.

Opinions were more divided on Black Lives Matter.

About 48% of respondents said they agree with the ideas of the Black Lives Matter movement compared to 38% who disagree and 13% who said they are not sure.

Majorities support police:

Local police departments received the most support in the poll, with large majorities of Black and white Americans endorsing the job their local cops are doing.

A third of respondents said their local police are doing a “very good” job, including 39% of white respondents and 17% of Black respondents.

But 46% said their police were doing at least a “somewhat good job,” including 53% of Black respondents and 43% of whites.

Only 21% of Americans said their local police are doing a bad job, an opinion shared by 18% of white respondents and 30% of Black respondents.


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