Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Bought Over $10M in Microsoft, Roblox Stock

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband bought over $10 million in Microsoft and Roblox stock last month, Fox Business reports.

Paul Pelosi, who owns a venture capital and consulting firm in California, exercised call options and paid nearly $2 million for 15,000 shares of Microsoft stock for $130 per share.

The same day, he paid $1.4 million for 10,000 shares at $140 each.

The value of the shares has climbed from $230 to about $255 since the purchase, a nearly 11% increase.

The stock price rose after Microsoft announced a $22 billion Pentagon contract to supply Army troops with augmented reality headsets.

The deal was announced on March 31, nearly two weeks after Pelosi’s purchase.

The company has since announced that it is purchasing the AI speech tech firm Nuance, which helped develop Apple’s Siri, for nearly $20 billion.

Roblox too:

Pelosi also paid between $500,000 and $1 million to purchase 10,000 shares of Roblox stock the day that the online gaming company went public on March 10, according to a financial disclosure obtained by Fox.

The company opened at $64.50 per share but prices have since risen to $80 apiece.

Pelosi one of the richest members of Congress:

The spouses of federal lawmakers are allowed to trade stock in firms that may be regulated by their partners, and Paul Pelosi has invested in many businesses.

The STOCK Act bars lawmakers’ spouses from profiting off of inside information, though there is no evidence to suggest any insider trading.

Nancy Pelosi is one of the wealthiest members of Congress, with the couple’s fortune estimated to be worth around $114 million.


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