Mother of Herschel Walker’s Child Had to Push Him to Pay for Abortion He Wanted: Report

The mother of one of Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker’s children had to “repeatedly” push him to pay for a 2009 abortion he wanted, The Washington Post reports.

“When I talked to him, I said, 'You need to send — I can’t afford to pay for this,” the woman, who was not identified by the Post, told the outlet.

She said she told Walker, “We did this, too. Both of us did this. We both know how babies are made.”

Walker ultimately sent her a $700 check about a week after the procedure, she told the Post, providing an image of the check with Walker’s name and signature.

The woman also said that Walker pressured her to have a second abortion but she chose to give birth to her son, who is now 10.

She sued him for child support in 2013.

Walker under fire:

The abortion allegations have raised questions about Walker’s anti-choice stance on the campaign trail and add to the reports about his treatment of women.

Walker initially denied that he knew the woman who made the allegation.

“I know nothing about any woman having an abortion,” Walker said last week. “Had that happened, I would have said it, because it’s nothing to be ashamed of there.”

The allegations have also raised questions about Walker’s repeated criticism of absentee fathers on the campaign trail.

“The father leaves in the Black family. He leaves the boys alone so they’ll be raised by their mom,” Walker said in a 2021 interview. “If you have a child with a woman, even if you have to leave that woman — even if you have to leave that woman — you don’t leave that child.”

Walker’s scandals:

Walker had only publicly discussed one of his four children before the Daily Beast reported that he had four.

Walker has had limited contact with the 10-year-old, according to the report.

Walker’s adult son, influencer Christian Walker, laid into him after the abortion was reported.

“You’re not a ‘family man’ when you left us to [have sex with] a bunch of women, threatened to kill us, and had us move over 6 times in 6 months running from your violence,” Christian Walker wrote on Twitter: “How DARE YOU LIE and act as though you’re some ‘moral, Christian, upright man.’ You’ve lived a life of DESTROYING other peoples lives. How dare you.”


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