Modern Segregation: Apparently, It's Cool to Hate

I think it's safe to say that college students are some of the stupidest people on the planet.

It's okay, though, they are mostly teenagers. Just released from the prisons of high school and their childhood homes, they are granted a level of freedom they have never experienced before in their lives.  That quickly goes to their heads, so you can excuse some of their more ridiculous behavioral patterns.

I was a college student at one time. While I didn't engage in genuinely stupid acts, I can honestly say I knew far less than I do today. I was probably even a bit cocky about what I thought I knew.

You may think I'm being cruel to the "future of our country," but there is some science to confirm my wild assertions.

"[E]merging science about brain development suggests that most people don't reach full maturity until the age 25," as reported by an NPR story. That can explain a lot, since most college students are in their early teens and twenties.

Since their brains are still cooking until the age of 25, I won't be too hard on them. They're still figuring things out, after all, so they can't be treated too meanly for the stupid protests, rioting, and overall abusive behavior they show to people they disagree with.

However, even the youngest students in our society can grasp basic concepts, like respect and equality for everyone. As a child, I remember learning about slavery, segregation and the great fight to end discrimination in the United States. I, along with my friends and fellow students, watched with awe the great speech of Dr. Martin Luther King when he declared, "I have a dream."

You see, at that time of the speech, black Americans were facing terrible conditions around the country.  They couldn't drink at the same water fountains as white people, couldn't sit at the counter and order a meal, and were even sent to the back of the bus.

Not to mention that in the South, black children weren't allowed to go to the same schools as their neighbors. "Separate but equal" was the bogus mantra used to justify the segregation of Americans. It was a clear vestige of the slave-era South, when black Americans were literally beneath white Americans. But by the 1950's, animosity against them still existed thanks to laws and social norms that continued to treat them as second-class citizens.

That generation faced shocking persecution so that today, all those spoiled college students could go to any school they want, without being discluded because of their skin color. Many of them even enjoy lucrative scholarships and grants that aim to eliminate economic and social barriers that would have prevented otherwise qualified young people from attending a great school.

Today college students cannot fathom a time when black and white kids were separated as a function of society. They may have heard the stories, from teachers and even their grandparents, but it's very clear that by their own actions, they are trampling on the sacrifices earlier generations have made.

A student activist group at the University of Michigan is demanding campus officials provide them with a segregated space for students of color to organize social justice efforts.

The demand is one of several lodged by Students4Justice, who this month coordinated campus protests to pressure administrators to submit.

They wrote in an online petition that President Mark Schlissel has rebuffed their demands, The College Fix reports. (via Daily Mail)

Uh, what? College campuses have been the most progressive places in the United States, quick to embrace educators and thinkers of color and (at least in the past) worked to eliminate discrimination in any form. But perhaps their progressive bent is going too far, if young people today think segregation is somehow a form of social justice.

Just what kind of justice is "Students4Justice" seeking when they exclude their white friends? Are these white teenagers and twenty-something's members of the KKK? Are these white students, who grew up in the 90's, working to suppress black students? Are they spewing racial slurs and seeking to deprive people of color from getting good grades or adequate room and board?

I highly doubt it. This is a concerted effort on the part of ignorant and ill-informed students to unite what they call "students of color" (i.e. anyone that's not white) against their own friends and fellow students.

We have reached a point in the fight for Civil Rights where we can go one of two ways. We can reassert Martin Luther King's dream of true equality, where people are judged by their actions and character, not skin color. Or we can seek to create new forms of racism, where groups are punished for the sins of the past, and we continue to identify ourselves based on the amount of melanin in our skin.

This effort to segregate students will only serve to militarize non-white Americans in efforts to attack and vilify their neighbors. They claim they need the space to "organize social justice efforts." Which can mean anything: plan protests for equality, preparing remarks at a civil rights speech, or just discuss the challenges our society still faces regarding race. So why leave out white people?

Are they unwilling or unable to discuss these issue? They're Americans too; 77% of the country is some form of white. So why aren't white students at the University of Michigan allowed to participate in social justice?

This kind of segregation really makes you think that "social justice warriors," aren't really interested in equality or diversity, but attacking white people. What other conclusion can you draw?  When they say they want to fight for justice, but deny what could be very well-meaning white students, they are classifying people based on their color of their skin, not character. They are reducing someone to literally a superficial standard. This is the antithesis of freedom, a direct threat to our democracy and way of life.

I don't agree with social justice warriors, black activists, or progressive groups. I've made that very clear in past articles. But I do agree that we still have racial problems in our nation. There are still racist and prejudiced people in our society, both white and black. There are still people who harbor mistrust, fear, even hate towards someone with a different skin color. There is still work to be done.

Yet groups like Students4Justice erode any efforts to bring unity and harmony to our society, especially at our colleges. Real change only comes when everyone is willing to put aside their ego, fear, and pain in order to embrace their neighbors.

Once it was said that we should be "color blind," in order to respect everyone for who they were on the inside. Now such an idea is considered wrong, even hateful, because radical activists want to divide us by color.

They simply want to exploit these naive and still-maturing students, for their money and support.  The result is they will grow up with toxic ideas in their heads, quick to nurse resentment and hatred for others because they are white.

And guess what the response will be from white people?

Acts of segregation- for any reason- will only ignite new fires of racism and hate. They will not solve any problems or help bridge gaps in our country.

But that was the goal all along.

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