Mitt Romney’s Secret Twitter Account Revealed: Meet ‘Pierre Delecto’

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney has a secret Twitter account under the name “Pierre Delecto” that he uses to defend himself and occasionally criticized President Trump, Slate’s Ashley Feinberg reports.

Romney mentioned that he has a secret Twitter account in an interview with The Atlantic.

“He explained that he uses a secret Twitter account—’What do they call me, a lurker?’—to keep tabs on the political conversation,” wrote The Atlantic McKay Coppins.

Feinberg, who previously tracked down former FBI Director James Comey’s secret Twitter account, quickly found Romney’s secret account by perusing the followers of his lesser-known family members.

Romney admitted that the “Pierre Delecto” account was his after Feinberg’s report.

“C’est moi,” he told Coppins.

Romney has only tweeted 10 times:

Romney made his account private after the report but screenshots published by Feinberg show some of the tweets he’s published as Pierre Delecto.

He largely used the account to defend himself, reaching out to a reporter to note that he had defended a Senate colleague and hitting back at Democrats and columnists who accused him of “spinelessness.”

In one response to journalist Soledad O’Brien, who accused him of lacking a moral compass, Romney insisted he was one of the good Republicans.

Romney, as Pierre Delecto, wrote that Romney was the “only Republican to hit Trump on Mueller report, only one to hit Trump on character time and again.”

More recently he used the account to slam Trump’s “awful decision” on Syria but questioned if there was anything the Senate could do to stop it.

Romney liked 257 tweets:

“Of the 257 tweets the account has liked over the last eight years, 30 of them came from the official @SenatorRomney account, 28 came from the official @MittRomney account, seven were tweets quoting either the @SenatoryRomney or @MittRomney accounts, and three included a direct mention of one or the other. Even more were about Romney generally without mentioning an official Twitter handle,” Feinberg reported.

One of the tweets he liked said that the “crook” Republicans are “stupidly protecting is banned from operating a charity in all of NY because he and his swindling kids stole from a children's cancer charity.”

Romney also liked tweets by Kellyanne Conway’s husband George Conway slamming Sen. Lindsey Graham and a tweet calling for Trump’s cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove him from office.

One of the tweets was by the parody account “Devin Nunes’ cow,” slamming former House Speaker Newt Gingrich for defending Trump amid the House impeachment inquiry.

“You were cheating on your second wife with the woman who is now your third wife even while impeaching Clinton for cheating on his wife. Show yourself out,” the tweet said.


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