Milo: the Right's Greatest Weapon Against Social Justice Warriors

As a conservative American, I care very much about my local neighbors and friends. I know many of you are shocked at the current climate in our country. Terrorism is on the rise. Black activists riot in our streets. The economy is in flux. Migrants intend to flood our cities at unprecedented levels.

Canada is starting to look more and more appealing (But I have bad news for you, they're even more liberal than we are).

One of the biggest problems in our society today is the growing trend of "social justice warriors." This phrase, which will undoubtedly become Webster's word of the year, suddenly sprouted up recently, like a vile weed in your nicely groomed front lawn.

It is a poisonous concept that finds its roots in the 2008 election. Remember the rhetoric Obama threw around? He used words like "redistribution of wealth" as thin promises that black Americans and minorities would somehow benefit from the rich.

He dangled a promise that as president, the money would flow from the pockets of rich, corrupt white people and into the hands of the underprivileged poor.

Yeah, that worked out.

Perhaps in response to the failures of the Obama administration, we have a growing number of young people, mostly naive college students, who view themselves as these "social justice warriors." Warriors being an ironic term, seeing as how they'd blanch at a paper cut.

These wanna be crusaders try to push an aggressive agenda. Essentially they try to silence anyone with a differing view (i.e. conservatives). They use social media, blogs, and other online outlets to bully, shame, and discredit anyone they deem "in the wrong."

This fad has empowered many spineless, cowardly liberals in an anti-Free speech movement. Conservative voices, be they celebrities, business leaders, journalist, or everyday folks have been attacked, maligned, and their careers destroyed, by unjust, dishonest, overly censoring SJW.

It has even poisoned once great social media outlets, as companies like Twitter have kowtowed to SJW and banned conservative users.

But we have a weapon in our fight against the ignorant, unfunny, unimaginative left. The biggest weapon, of course is the fact that we're right, but another ally in the fight against social justice warriors comes in a very unlikely form.

Via Breitbart:

Triggered social justice warriors and cowering college administrators were breathing a sigh of relief. They thought it was all over. They were wrong.

Breitbart senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos, the Dangerous Faggot himself will be returning to America’s campuses in the fall semester in a tour that promises to be bigger, badder, and more dangerous than ever.

Milo is already confirmed to appear at 26 campuses this fall, with more schools signing on every week. Be sure to keep an eye on the tour page for updates. Students interested in adding the most memorable speaker their university will hear from this year (or in some cases for all time) can contact the tour manager for more information.

That's right. An outspoken, homosexual, European has become one of the most influential voices in the modern conservative movement. Over the last year, Breitbart senior tech editor Milo Yiannopoulas, a British-born, Jewish, openly gay Catholic, has been touring college campuses to decry the "regressive left," calling out social justice warriors for their b-s, and empowering a new generation of conservatives.

You may be wondering why this is important. Some of you more traditional conservatives might be put off by Milo's sexuality, by his boldness, even by his occasional use of profanity. But he is and will be one of the most important voices moving forward for conservative America.

Let me explain why. Liberals have enjoyed an image of being "cool" for years. Hollywood celebrities are overwhelmingly liberal. Pop stars and hip-hop artists support democrats. Many artists and society-challenging creatives swing left. For decades if you wanted to challenge the system, you were a democrat.

Even though democrats are now the system, that stigma still exists. The left has enjoyed a position of being innovative, outspoken, and progressive for far too long. At the same time, conservatives are portrayed as Cardigan-wearing sticks in the mud.

Social justice warriors think they are being modern and trendy, with their nose piercings, blue hair, and lower back tattoos. They think they are on the cutting edge of culture when they blame white men for every woe in the world and cling to warped feminists ideals that not even Gloria Steinem could endorse (just Google "rape culture" to see what I mean).

So as SJW crow about how outrageous they are, how subversive and provocative their stance and skinny jean appear, conservatives are being championed by one of the most aggressively outspoken, unapologetic figures in modern culture.

Milo is a force to be reckoned with. He doesn't care what you think and he will tell you to your face. He is unafraid to call liberals and SJW out for their dishonesty, in the most vicious words possible. And most importantly, he doesn't wilt from their expected backlash.

Here's a sample of what Milo likes to say, when he called out Skittles for attacking conservatives:

This latest development is in line with their previous knee-jerk corporate progressivism, but it also exposes one of the left’s most egregious double standards.

They’ve decided to support Muslims: the people who want to kill gays, or at the very least make homosexuality illegal. How does that square with their hip pro-pride posturing back in June?

Perhaps they can still market this to gays — taste the rainbow, as you plummet off the roof of a building!

Close observers of cultural politics will remember that feminists used a similar image, of M&Ms, at the height of the bogus “rape culture” panic. Their point was that women should be prejudiced against all men because a few of them are rapists. If I opposed that argument, some may ask, how can I support Donald Trump Jr’s?

The difference, of course, is that only a tiny number of western men are rapists, while countless millions of Muslims want to kill or outlaw gays.

We need this kind of boldness in the Grand Old Party (let's work on that name, while we're at it). We need people that defy the stereotypes, that will keep the sluggish, pathetic, ever-weakening left guessing. We need leaders that will empower and emboldened the rest of us to take a stand. To not be ashamed to embrace conservative principles of personal liberties, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion (yes, Milo believes and supports your right to believe in God).

We do not have to be ashamed to be conservative. We do not have to apologize to our liberal friends for supporting Donald Trump. And we do not have to except the unjust labels Hollywood puts on us for believing in America (I'm looking at you Aziz Ansari).

We need Milo. We need his boldness, his brashness.

We just don't have to have the same hair style.


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