Mick Mulvaney Admits GOP Doesn’t Care About Rising Deficit Now That Trump’s President

Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney privately admitted that the Republican Party doesn’t really care about deficits now that President Trump is in power, The Washington Post reports.

“My party is very interested in deficits when there is a Democrat in the White House. The worst thing in the whole world is deficits when Barack Obama was the president. Then Donald Trump became president, and we’re a lot less interested as a party,” Mulvaney said at the Oxford Union in an audio recording obtained by The Post.

Mulvaney said he found the growing deficit “extraordinarily disturbing” but that neither lawmakers nor voters cared much about it because they are “evolving” since Trump took office.

Trump admin still lying about deficit:

Mulvaney’s comments undercut the administration’s repeated claims that the Trump tax cuts, which caused the deficit to rise to more than $1 trillion, would not contribute to the deficit.

“We believe that the tax cuts will pay for themselves over a 10-year period of time,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin testified to the Senate earlier this month, despite every economic projection debunking his claim.

Even Texas Rep. Kevin Brady, who wrote the bill, admitted that the tax cuts may not pay for themselves last year.

GOP still attacks Democrats over deficit:

Even as Trump’s policies contribute to a rising deficit, Republicans have repeatedly complained that policies proposed by Democratic candidates like Bernie Sanders would “bankrupt” the country.

But as Mulvaney made clear in his leaked speech, Republicans have no desire to raise taxes to combat the deficit the way Democrats have proposed.

“We take the position in my party that asking people to change their lifestyle dramatically, including by paying more taxes, is simply not something we are interested in doing,” he said.


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