Methinks They Protest Too Much: The Left Hates Shakespeare Now

You know, it becomes harder and harder to accept liberal activists' claims when it's clear they are just attacking people over race.

There was a time, long ago, when people who championed for equality in our country actually believed in equal rights for all. They thought that when a group was suppressed, we all were suppressed. That if one group wasn't free, were all weren't free.

They believed for us to end discrimination in our country, everybody needed to be united. Black and white people must respect one another if we are ever to live in harmony.

I don't have to quote Martin Luther King again, but I will:

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

The Civil Rights movement only worked because it espoused that both black and white Americans deserved freedom. That we should not be denigrated, hated, or abused because of the color of our skin. That generation made great strides because they worked so hard to bring Americans together, in a society with practices that aimed to keep us apart.

Today radical activists have little in common with King and his allies. A movement once focused on uniting American citizens has devolved into hate groups that work to drive us apart.

What else can you say about liberals who insult white people on Twitter? The kind of hate exhibited against an entire group of people based on the color of their skin would not be tolerated, if it was against any other group. Yet this kind of hatred is allowed in our society today. How is that achieving equality?

When once we strived for unity and harmony among Americans of all racial backgrounds, there is a trend to tear down anyone that offends social justice warriors' agenda. Their agenda being to drive greater division between white and black people.

How else can you explain this kind of nonsense:

The Grammys are racist.  Cupcakes are racist. And now apparently Shakespeare is racist.

Citing a lack of diversity, students at UPenn reportedly removed a portrait of the renowned 16th-century writer and moved it into the office of English professor and Department Chair Jed Etsy.

It’s “a way of affirming their commitment to a more inclusive mission for the English department,” reports the Daily Pennsylvanian. (via Milo).

How is taking down a portrait of one of the most universally celebrated, respected, and renowned playwrights in the history of the world "affirming" inclusiveness in any way?  And who do you think they replaced the image with? Langston Hughes? Maya Angelou? Or, God forbid, Martin Luther King Jr? None of the above.

In its place, the students stitched together a mural of African-American lesbian/feminist author Audre Lorde.

Nothing says unity among Americans like a lesbian, feminist poet! Clearly, this stunt had nothing to do with being inclusive or bringing together students. This was simply another attack on our history and culture by radicals who want to redefine America and the things that have shaped it.

Apparently, we're only inclusive if we celebrate radical activists whose lifestyles and work were in line with liberals.

Since when was an English department non-inclusive for having a portrait of Shakespeare on the wall? I guarantee students will learn more from studying his works than the work of an obscure, activist poet.

The modern racial fight in our country is no longer about securing rights for all Americans, but creating a greater divide between white and black people. Instead of building a future on the ample common ground we all share, radical activists want to reopen old wounds and generate new hatreds between Americans.

This increasing divide has even been ironically echoed by our President Barack Obama, the first black man to be elected to the office.

Monday on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” President Barack Obama was asked by host Trevor Noah how he navigated the line between speaking his mind and sharing “true opinions” on race while in the meantime not alienating people.

Obama acknowledged the difficulty but added the caveat the country still hasn’t overcome its legacies of slavery, Jim Crow, colonialism and slavery. (via Breitbart)

In all fairness, the President did acknowledge how far we've come as a nation (calling the progress real and extraordinary), but still, put the blame for many of our problems on lingering racism within our nation.

He said our nation has an "ongoing legacy of racism." I just cannot agree. I maintain that our nation is full of good people that refuse to allow racism to dictate or control their lives and choices. In discussing the rhetoric of BLM, David Horowitz of Breitbart wrote:

This accusation is made against a country that outlaws racial discrimination, that has twice elected a black president, has recently had a black four-star general head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, two black secretaries of state, three black national security advisors and two successive black attorneys general along with thousands of black elected officials, mayors, police chiefs and congressmen. (via Breitbart)

It's really hard to accept the notion that our nation is systematically trying to destroy black people, when we've had so many influential and successful black leaders. What is true is that there are radical activists who aim to destroy and denigrate the accomplishments of white people in this nation, in a warped attempt to celebrate and promote black lives. When you need to denigrate one group to uphold another, isn't that another form of racism?  Doesn't that erode any effort to create unity and equality?

Instead of finding common ground and acquiring allies of all races to fight real discrimination, these activists would rather spit on Shakespeare, Washington, and anyone else with pale skin that might offend them.

The fallout of this kind of behavior is obvious. The goal of having a truly discrimination-free country will slip further out of reach.  Real problems will be ignored, lost in the echoes of people crying wolf. Resentment amongst black and white people will continue to grow, causing future generations to fear and mistrust anyone who is different.

The ultimate irony is that all this fighting ignores the very basic reality of who we are. As Antonin Scalia once said: "In the eyes of government, we are just one race here. It is American."

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