The Media's Hypocritical Attacks On Ivanka Trump

The media’s treatment of First Daughter Ivanka Trump has been absolutely and utterly unfair. The same pundits who censure President Trump for his criticism of women act as if Ivanka is the spawn of Satan. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders put it perfectly:

“I frankly, I think it's shameful the way that she's been treated. If she didn't have the same last name, they would be celebrating her. They would be praising her. They would be thanking God that she is sitting in a position that she is to influence policy and help women across this country. And instead, they attack her, they shame her, and they belittle her. I think it's very shameful, and I think it's sad because she's such a good advocate for so many women and for them to attack her, I think, is just really disheartening.”

The Press Secretary is right. If Ivanka were anyone else’s daughter, especially the daughter of a Democrat, she would be lauded and praised by the media. The truth of the matter is that Ivanka has done a lot for women, and despite the media’s belittlement of her work for women, it deserves to be acknowledged. First and foremost, she started her brand and business ‘Women Who Work,’ which focuses on the social, political, and economic empowerment of women. When will the media give credence to this? The news anchors never missed a beat when it comes to providing Ivanka’s critics with a platform, but rarely are her supporters and accomplishments acknowledged as they should be.

Not only did the First Daughter start an amazing business to promote women, but since her father’s time in office, she has been actively involved with WeFi, the promotion of STEM, coding education, and global funds to promote women in the economy, in work, and in life. As previously noted, if anyone else’s daughter were this active and involved in cases regarding women, they would be lauded as an international feminist icon.

In addition to starting a business to empower women and working with various world leaders, Ivanka also wrote an amazing self-help book titled “Women Who Work: Rewriting The Rules For Success.” After the book came out, the media wasted absolutely no time in censuring it. They asserted the self-help book was tone deaf, implying that Ivanka’s father and wealth disqualified her from being able to write literature designed to help everyday Americans.

What the media won’t mention is that many people, myself included, were inspired by the First Daughter’s “Women Who Work” book. As someone who has read it multiple times, I can attest that the book contained a lot of inspirational, helpful information which has been invaluable to me as I further my writing career. Nonetheless, while the media is not required to be in the Ivanka Trump fan club, the least they can do is report fairly and accurately. If they’re going to cover the critics, the admirers ought to be given their airtime also. This is what true, fair, unbiased coverage looks like. Tragically, unbiased coverage is something the media struggles with on a very frequent basis.

The media’s poor treatment of Ivanka Trump is merely a symptom of a very prevalent disease in America. Conservative women and women who support Trump are often demonized, vilified, and belittled, both by the news media and even on social media. Liberals claim to be pro-woman, but sadly they are only pro-woman towards those who hold progressive ideologies. Republican women and women who support Trump are often viciously attacked by the same people who claim to support and identify as feminists.

The media’s habitual poor treatment of Ivanka is quite ironic. How many of them have started businesses dedicated to helping women? How many of them are traveling the world and promoting the social and economic empowerment of women? These liberal mainstream media pundits are nothing more than left-wing mouthpieces. The First Daughter has likely done more for women than her critics will ever do in a lifetime. Having a rich father doesn’t disqualify someone from being able to make a difference if they so choose. Many of the most outspoken critics fail to practice what they preach.

As Press Secretary Sanders stated, Ivanka’s unique position does allow her to influence policy and help women. Many people could make the claim that her business, her book, and her involvement in policies that will impact women deserve to be recognized. If the media and critics can do a better job at helping women than Ivanka has thus far, they should take their best shot. However, if what they call work for women consists of berating an amazing woman who has done more than what most people will do in a lifetime, perhaps the detractors and critics of Ivanka Trump ought to sit this one out.

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