McAuliffe Pushes Race-Based Incarceration Quotas

In the world of modern politics, the public statements issued by professed leaders get stranger by the day. And, when fully considered, the proposals they put forth are nothing short of nausea-inducing lunacy.

Implied praise of Antifa by the likes of Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe in the aftermath of the Charlottesville rally was deplorable. The one-sided nature of condemnations issued by the left– in their mind, it was the alt-right only to blame for violence– exposed unequivocally the left’s complicity in violence perpetrated by right-hating anarchists against a group who, while universally denounced, had a legal right to demonstrate.

Then violent ‘counter protesters’ moved on to a neo-Nazi-free demonstration held in the name of preserving free speech, shutting down the speaking portion through intimidation and threats of violence which devolved into physical attacks on police. It was a shameful display, yet the mob was praised for ‘fighting hate’ by the institutional left. Yet again, extremism was not condemned by those who have come to represent the modern Democrat.

These alone are signs of the times for a party that has embraced pandering to fringe minorities and tolerating, if not unleashing, violent mobs of anarchists for the purpose of intimidating and assaulting even those who preach nothing more than the defense of free speech. Because, as McAuliffe and his cronies know, free speech means the possibility of open contradiction to their divisive doctrines.

At this point, it takes a ton to be surprised by Democratic shamelessness when it comes to embracing identity politics and gladly turning a cheek to violence against those perceived as the ‘right.' Yet, McAuliffe– who again finds himself at the center of the controversy– has managed to shock, yet again.

One would think McAuliffe might be wise to keep his mouth closed. His handling of Charlottesville was slammed by the ACLU, who determined that when asked to adhere to the Constitution by keeping all parties in Charlottesville safe, the city ‘failed to do so.' That buck falls squarely upon the governor who made himself so visible, so apparently accountable, in the aftermath of the foreseeable, preventable violence.

In addition, McAuliffe is facing an FBI investigation into campaign donation practices, which makes sense considering that he is, after all, a Clintonista. Come to think of it, McAuliffe is wise to keep opening his mouth, to continue escalating the vitriolic rhetoric. The more distractions from his personal scandals, the better.

But McAuliffe’s latest proposal– the enactment of race-based quotas in the justice system– is extreme even by modern Democratic Party standards. And, based upon the pattern of grievances turning into certifiable social movements, expect this proposal to be adopted by Black Lives Matter in short order.

Those who predicted that the left’s outrage over monuments was merely a means to their next, more socially consequential cause du jour were spot-on, with this belief confirmed by none other than McAuliffe himself:

“Let us be clear, this isn’t a debate about monuments. These folks were just protesting in the name of preserving Southern heritage. They want to maintain inequality in everything that they do, from criminal justice to education to housing, and they want to elevate racism to the highest form. So far, unfortunately, the pendulum has swung in their direction.” (Daily Wire)

Perhaps it was the eagerness and fervor with which the misguided youth and grown adolescents latched onto the monument-toppling agenda which convinced the Democrats, McAuliffe leading the public charge, to progress to racial quotas, and heightened racial rhetoric, so rapidly:

“African-Americans, particularly men, are incarcerated at an alarming rate that is disproportionate. African-American children are more likely to live and attend school in an area of concentrated poverty. At school, they’re disproportionately disciplined and suspended.

And they’ve been the target of legislatures around the country that have pursued policies intended to rob them of their most basic dignity and civic duty: the right to vote.”

The premise presented by McAuliffe, the one that states disproportionate rates of incarceration in the black community is the result solely of racism, has no evidentiary backing. It posits that black men are routinely targeted and incarcerated having committed no crime at all. It defies what we know about the prevalence of criminality in low-income neighborhoods, which tend to be inhabited disproportionately by African-Americans.

This rhetoric is not only patently untrue, it is dangerous. Certain groups already see fit to use police officers as human targets for their misguided rage. These extremists are emboldened to be even more brazen in these often-fatal attacks on police each time an authority figure such as McAuliffe validates their views with such hateful rhetoric.

Virginia’s governor was not done advancing the narrative of the modern conservative as a figure as racist, if not more so, than the cross-burning Klansmen in the era of the Confederacy. He goes further with his wanton racial analogies, equating voting restrictions on felons to a poll tax:

“One hundred and fifteen years ago, a felon disenfranchisement, a poll tax, and a literacy test were written into Virginia’s constitution. It is ironic, that in this great country with our imperfect history, we would punish those who made a bad decision for the rest of their lives.

Where would we be as a country if we were only judged by our mistakes?

Why then, do we judge and perpetually punish our fellow citizens who maybe got lost along the way?”

The blatant pandering is more than transparent. Democrats, already having lost the sane and rational vote, routinely rail against logical, non-racial voter-ID laws because the party is not against illegal voting practices. In fact, they stand to benefit from such practices. In this vain, Democrats are clearly targeting felons as their next built-in voting bloc, with black Americans being at the center of that plan, hence the race-based rhetoric:

“This is not just a Virginia problem, nearly six million Americans with felonies around the country today cannot vote … Six million Americans.

Let us also tear down the insidious policies that keep inequality and racism alive in our institutions and in our attitudes. The greatest monuments that we can build to our nation’s core values are not made of stone…”

Most people would see six million felons as a massive problem which indicates the prevalence of serious crime in a country increasingly populated by extremists. Democrats, however, see only opportunity. The opportunity for votes. Even if that means launching the country into internal strife and potentially widespread conflict as a result.

When, it must be asked, will America as a whole stand up to the race-based, transparent methods which the left has chosen to employ as their core platform, their primary means to more votes and a restoration of power?

If not now, in the face of proposals allowing for the restoration of voting rights blindly upon murderers, rapists, and other felons, then when?

It is not long before ‘now’ becomes ‘too late’ should this madness be permitted to continue.

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