Marjorie Taylor Greene Raised $3.2M -- 4 Times More Than AOC -- In Her First 3 Months in Office

Freshman Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene reported a massive $3.2 million fundraising haul in her first three months in office, Politico reports.

Greene raised the money from over 100,000 individual donors with an average donation of $32 amid controversy surrounding her conspiracy theories and calls for Democratic leaders to be executed.

The $3.2 million is over four times more than the $728,000 that fundraising powerhouse Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez brought in during her first three months in office in 2019.

Though Greene largely self-funded her campaign, she did not contribute any money to her first quarter haul.

Greene cashes in on controversy:

Greene leaned into the controversy surrounding her past videos and statements, which led to House Democrats stripping her off her committee spots earlier this year.

Greene fundraised off the vote and claimed that she was being canceled by the left.

She even scored a trip to meet former President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago amid the controversy.

“Over 100,000 individual donations says it all. The People are with Marjorie Taylor Greene and her America First agenda. It’s clear she’s the heir to President Trump,” a source close to her campaign told Politico. “While politicians inside the Beltway attack her daily, Americans are rushing to stand beside the Notorious MTG as she fights tooth and nail on the House floor utilizing procedural tactics to shut down Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats’ hostage takeover of Congress.”

Greene a primary target:

The Politico report noted that the money will come in useful after Greene turned herself into a major primary target despite representing a deep-red area of Georgia.

Her district is likely to be redrawn in the next round of redistricting, which could pose challenges depending on how the boundaries are decided.

Anti-Trump Republicans have also vowed to oppose her. Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger’s new PAC has already raised $2.2 million to oppose far-right candidates like Greene.


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