Man Pleads Guilty in Plot to Use Stolen Forklift to ‘Flip’ Trump’s Limo

A North Dakota man pleaded guilty in a plot to use a stolen forklift to “flip” President Donald Trump’s limousine, The Grand Forks Herald reports.

Gregory Lee Leingang, 42, had been charged with one count of trespassing in a restricting area while using a deadly weapon and one count of attempting to damage government property. As part of his deal with prosecutors, he pleaded guilty to the single trespassing with a deadly weapon charge.

The deadly weapon in the case was a forklift.

US Assistant State’s Attorney Brandi Sasse Russell said that Leingang was planning to flip Trump’s limo when he arrived at the Andeavor Mandan Refinery in September of last year.

According to prosecutors, Leingang stole a forklift in the refinery prior to Trump’s arrival and entered the restricted motorcade route.

"The intent was to basically try to get to the limo, flip the limo and get to the president and he wanted to kill the president," Sasse Russell said.

Prosecutors said that Leingang’s forklift got stuck and he tried to flee but was arrested by police.

He later admitted the plan to police and Secret Service agents, the prosecutor said.

Leingang’s public defender said in court that he “was suffering a serious psychiatric crisis during this incident,” adding that he had set two fires that morning at a ballpark and a parole and probation office.

Leingang pleaded guilty to setting the fires and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. He received another five years in a separate burglary case and an additional five years for stealing the forklift.

He will be sentenced on the new charges in February.

Twitter responds with blame, mockery:

"The media should tone down its rhetoric," wrote conservative host Mark Levin, jabbing those that blame Trump's rhetoric for the violent acts carried out by his supporters.

"And worst of all, Maxine Waters TOLD people to do precisely this in a rant just last week," wrote fellow conservative host Erc Metaxas, about an incident that happened in September of 2017.

Liberals on the social network couldn't help but get a few jabs in themselves.


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