Man Drives Car Into Seattle Protesters, Shoots Demonstrator

A driver who plowed into a group of protesters in Seattle and opened fire was taken into custody, the Seattle Times reports.

The Seattle Police Department said it has detained the driver of the vehicle after he drove into protesters Sunday night.

The man then opened fire, hitting a 27-year-old demonstrator. The man was taken to a hospital where he is in stable condition.

Police say they do not believe there were any other victims.

Video shows man running to police:

Video shows the man open fire while he was still in his car after protesters tried to block him with a police barricade.

The man is then seen getting out of the car with a gun and making his way to a group of police officers, where he was taken into custody.

“I thought he was plowing right into the crowd,” a protester told the Seattle Times. “I totally thought I was going to see a bunch of bodies flying through the air.”

The man who was shot appeared to try to reach into the car.

“I heard the gunshot go off in my arm. My whole thing was to protect those people down there,” the man said in a video.

Seattle police go off on protesters:

Hours after the attack, police used flash-bangs, pepper spray and tear gas to disperse protesters.

Police said protesters thew bottles, rocks, and fireworks at police.

The tear gas came after Mayor Jenny Durkan banned police from using tear gas for 30 days.

“Use of force must be rare, it must be necessary and it must be proportional,” she said. “Like everybody in our community, we know that was not the case, not only this week but in cases before.”


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