Madonna and Hillary: A Tale of Two Hypocrites

Last week I talked about the true motives of the Women's March on Washington D.C., an event that occurred a day after President Donald Trump's Inauguration.

The event was framed as a response to our new President's apparent hostile stance towards women, based on nothing but speculation from an intolerant and hypocritical left. All this weekend we've seen how the left has behaved in the wake of Trump's swearing in.

Rioters caused fires and destroyed property in an effort to disrupt the parade. There were frequent instances of violence from liberals against Trump supporters. Even a female journalist covering the Women's March was assaulted by an angry liberal man, who punched her in the face in an attempt to damage her camera.

How was that empowering to women?

Time and again we see that the left supports minorities, gays, and women, just as long as they agree with their agenda.

And then there's this beautiful chestnut, a perfect juxtaposition between strong, conservative men and pathetic beta-male cucks.

But, putting aside the rampant hypocrisy of these bitter liberals, I will defend their right to free speech and peaceful assembly. How else can I confront their broken ideas, unless they are free to speak them?

The many women (and men) who gathered in Washington last Saturday had a right to make their voices heard. If they feel there are injustices going on in this country, they should be free to speak up. If they believe Trump will do bad things to them, then they should say so, just as much as we have the freedom to use common sense and facts to prove them wrong.

The very worst thing that could happen to these women would be for their voices to be stolen by someone else; for their moment of truth to be co-opted by someone that doesn't really speak for all of them, someone who would want to exploit this highly-visible moment for their own gain.

Ooops, wait that's exactly what happened because Madonna ruined everything.

The U.S. Secret Service will reportedly open an investigation into Madonna after the singer told demonstrators at the Women’s March on Washington Saturday that she has often thought of “blowing up the White House.”

During a profanity-laced speech at the protest rally in Washington, D.C. Saturday, the 58-year-old “Rebel Heart” singer said she had felt “angry” and “outraged” over Donald Trump becoming the country’s 45th president.

“I’m angry. Yes, I’m outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House,” Madonna said. (via Breitbart)

I, like many others in Americans, was watching the news for coverage of the Women's March on Saturday. While I maintain it was a front for the barbaric abortion lobbyist, I still believe women, including pro-life women, had the right to speak and march.

Unfortunately, the news wasn't very good. Instead of focusing on the issues at stake for the marchers--including reproductive health, women's equality, abortion, etc.- article after article was fixated on the aging pop star's maniacal rant.

I doubt most of the women at the march want to see the White House blown up, with the leaders of our country, their staff, and families, murdered in a ball of hellish fire. Emotions and rhetoric aside, all reasonable Americans want to see our country thrive, despite who is President. Much more can be done to protect and defend your concerns through peaceful petitioning and dialogue than through violence.

Madonna's grotesque, un-American, and downright illegal words surely do not reflect the rest of the marchers. Yet she was the one on stage. She was the one getting the headlines. It was her face plastered on web pages, news channels, and papers.

The voices of hundreds of thousands of women were drowned out by one out-of-touch celebrity. All of those pressing issues that could have gotten attention; Trump himself could have watched and heard from a segment of America that very much needs his approval. Yet all he and the rest of us saw was the rantings of a former super pop star.

Attendees might say to me, "But we did discuss many important issues. We talked about them all day!" But the only thing the vast majority of Americans saw on TV and online was the angry rhetoric of Madonna. An event that was surely about many things was co-opted and perverted by a single person with her own interests in mind.

Reminds me a lot of the Democratic Party. I maintain that, despite my obviously conservative views, the left can be a force for good in our country. While their economic and governmental stances are patently un-American, their history of defending the rights of the under-represented- be they minorities, the working class, or women- will always be vital.

In every generation, there is a danger of our freedoms being stripped away. Regardless of which party is in control, those in seats of power can lose sight of their basic responsibility and abuse their authority. That's why it's important for we, the American people, to hold our leaders accountable. The Democratic Party’s historical stance for Civil Rights for every American will always be needed, to ensure that every American is represented by our government.

However, that noble goal has been co-opted by corrupt politicians who play insider games. This isn't just a liberal problem, mind you, it was a problem in the GOP as well. But where GOP voters took measures to combat this reality- with the nomination of outsider Donald Trump- Democratic voters were betrayed by their own party.

You and I both know that we were poised to see a repeat of 2008.  Back then, everybody was convinced Hillary was going to get the nomination and run for President. But, seemingly out of nowhere, Barack Obama swept the primaries with his inspiring, grassroots movement.

It was happening again, but with extreme outsider Bernie Sanders. He came out of nowhere, a long-time Independent, to inspire many voters (including the all-so-important young voter) to potentially rob Hillary once again. This time, however, she and her cronies weren't going to have it.

There is clear proof that DNC head Wasserman-Schultz conspired against Bernie's people to give Hillary the nomination. Instead of offering him unbiased support, they worked against him, even giving Hillary debate questions ahead of time. Clearly, the Democratic Party had been infiltrated by Clinton-supporters who would do anything to get her into the White House, even if it meant betraying the democratic process.

So the Democratic Party's hopes, dreams, and goals for a better America (by their standards) were put aside to install a nominee who had no hope of winning over large portions of our country. A nominee that was starkly different from Barack Obama- a charismatic, intelligent, and likable figure.  A nominee with a track record of scandal, illegal activity, and an abject disregard for our own servicemen and citizens.

Some of my readers may have strongly supported Hillary Clinton. That's your prerogative, of course. But can you honestly say the nomination process was fair? Bernie Sanders could have won the general election, had he been subject to a uncorrupted primary. We will never know, because the goodwill of the left was perverted for the sake of one woman's ego.

Much like what happened last Saturday.

It's fitting, considering Madonna's unflinching and bizarre commitment to Hillary during the election. I don't need to go into what she was promising to get Clinton elected.

So what can we take away from these experiences? That the left is beyond hope? No, it just needs to reform. It needs to jettison the corrupt figures that are distorting what good goals it can accomplish for this country, in favor of Constitutional positions and honest leadership.

Liberals, as well as conservatives, need to hold their leadership accountable. Not through rants and protests, but by staying abreast of our government's actions and expressing opinions with fact and reason.

Only then, when we grow up and start talking responsibly, will we see better things for our country.

Otherwise, we'll let the Madonna's of the world drive us to hell.

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