Liz Cheney Rakes In Record Fundraising Haul Amid Trump’s Attacks

Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney raised nearly $3 million last quarter amid a fierce primary battle, Politico reports.

Cheney, who voted to impeach former President Donald Trump and serves on the House Jan. 6 committee, has faced a relentless stream of attacks from Trump and his allies.

Trump and his supporters are backing primary challenger Harriet Hageman, a former Cheney ally, in the state’s August 16 primary.

Cheney raised $2.94 million in the first three months of the year, a personal record.

She has now raised an eye-popping $10 million this cycle.

Politico reports that she is currently sitting on $6.8 million in cash on hand with four months until the primary.

Cheney previously averaged a few hundred thousand in past campaign cycles.

Trumpworld lines up behind Hageman:

Trump, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, numerous other House Republicans, and megadonor Peter Thiel have also joined the effort to oust Cheney.

Cheney was booted by the Republican caucus from her leadership position last year and in February she was censured by the Republican National Committee, which defended the Capitol rioters.

Trump also pushed the state legislature to ban non-Republicans from voting in the state’s GOP primary but lawmakers declined to do so.

Cheney outpaces Hageman:

Hageman may well be the favorite in the GOP primary but Cheney is outraising her by a lot.

Cheney’s campaign haul this quarter is more than twice was Hageman raised last quarter.

And Trump’s endorsement did not clear the field, leaving a number of other Republican hopefuls vying for votes in the primary.

Cheney has some notable supporters of her own, including former President George W. Bush, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, Sen. Mitt Romney, and former House Speaker Paul Ryan.


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