Lindsey Graham Vows to Investigate The Whistleblower and Joe Biden After Trump Trial

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham vowed that Republicans would investigate the whistleblower whose complaint led to President Donald Trump’s impeachment after the Senate trial wraps up.

“The Senate Intel committee under Richard Burr has told us that we will call the whistleblower,” Graham told Fox News on Sunday. “Why is it important? I want to know how all this crap started.”

“If the whistleblower is a former employee of, associate of, Joe Biden, I think that would be important,” he said. “If the whistleblower was working with people on Schiff’s staff that wanted to take Trump down a year and a half ago, I think that would be important. If the Schiff staff people helped write the complaint, that would be important. We’re going to get to the bottom of all of this to make sure this never happens again.”

Graham vows to go after Biden too:

Graham said that the Senate Foreign Relations Committee would also investigate the Bidens.

“I’m gonna bring in State Department officials and ask them, ‘Why didn’t you do something about the obvious conflict of interest Joe Biden had?’” Graham said. “Joe Biden’s effort to combat corruption in the Ukraine became a joke.”

Graham said that he “can prove beyond any doubt that Joe Biden’s effort in the Ukraine to root out corruption was undercut because he let his son sit on the board of the most corrupt company in the Ukraine and we’re not gonna give him a pass on that.”

“Senate Intel will deal with the whistleblower, Foreign Relations committee will deal with Joe Biden’s conflict of interest, the Judiciary Committee will deal with all things FISA,” he said.

Republicans push back:

“We’ll see if they actually make these moves to call in the whistleblower privately or bring in Obama officials. But from my understanding, there’s a lot of Republicans who just want to move on and they’re not interested in that. So we’ll see what Graham ends up doing,” Washington Post reporter Rachel Bade said Monday.

Burr said last year that he “absolutely” wanted to see the whistleblower testify but got pushback from Republican colleagues.

“I think we’ve moved well beyond that,” said Sen. John Cornyn, the No. 2 Republican in the Senate. “I mean, what’s the whistleblower going to tell us other than what we already know?”

“I’m not sure how relevant it remains at this point,” added Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.


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