Lev Parnas Lawyer Shares Video of Him and Mike Pence After Pence Denied Knowing Him

Lev Parnas’ attorney shared a video of his client with Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen after Pence denied knowing Parnas.

Attorney Joseph Bondy posted a video on Twitter set to "September" by Earth, Wind and Fire, showing Parnas holding Karen Pence’s hand before she pats him on the back and tells him something. Parnas can also be seen reaching to shake Pence’s hand.

Bondy did not say when or where the video was recorded.

“Pence does indeed know the guy,” Bondy said.

Bondy shared similar videos set to music showing Parnas posing for photos with President Donald Trump, Trump’s family members and cabinet officials, and Republican lawmakers.

Pence denied knowing Parnas:

"I don’t know the guy,” Pence told reporters last week, adding that Parnas’ allegation that Pence was involved in the Ukraine scheme that led to Trump’s impeachment was “completely false.”

Parnas told MSNBC last week that Pence was aware of Trump and Giuliani’s efforts to pressure Ukraine into investigating former Vice President Joe Biden.

"I'm going to use a famous quote from [Ambassador Gordon] Sondland. Everybody was in the loop,” he said.

Parnas claims Pence canceled trip over Biden probe:

Parnas told MSNBC that Pence canceled a trip to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s inauguration because Ukraine would not commit to announcing a Biden probe.

"The announcement was the key at that time because of the inauguration and I told him Pence would not show up, nobody would show up to his inauguration," Parnas said. "It was particularly Vice President Mike Pence."

"I remember Rudy going, 'Okay. They'll see.' To my awareness, Trump called to say 'Make sure Pence doesn't go [to the inauguration],’” Parnas said, adding that he was “100 percent” sure Pence canceled the trip because of the investigations.


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