Let the Babies Cry: Analyzing The Liberal Backlash At Trump's Victory

TD;DR: Trump won, get over it.

For those of you with an attention span, stick around as I discuss how the regressive left operates; not on logic, common sense, or facts, but on emotion, selfishness, and ego.

Over the course of the election, celebrities in Hollywood tried to leverage their considerable fame to help elect Hillary Clinton. We all remember this video, where big named stars tried to bamboozle, most likely young fans, into voting for the democrat. These talented actors tried to use emotion to denigrate Donald Trump, an effective, successful businessman, and get you to vote for a woman with an--at best--tarnished reputation.

So confident that these "luminaries" had your ear, that they simply melted down as the results poured in. Twitter was on fire with the shocked, angry, and suicidal tweets from these stars.

Let's look at some of them now!

I am in tears - Ariana Grande @ArianaGrande

America, you have failed. What the actual fuck. Devastating. I won't recognize @realDonaldTrump as our president, ever. #dumptrucktrump - Ariel Winter @arielwinter1

What I've learned so far tonight: America is WAAAAAAAAY more sexist than it is racist. And it's pretty fucking racist. #ElectionNight - Patton Oswalt @pattonoswalt

I want to quit life. - Rashida Jones @iamrashidajones

While it's true--and understandable--that these celebrities would be upset over the loss of their candidate, please understand the real reason behind their backlash. These egomaniacs are discovering they have no power.

During Obama's presidency, the liberal elite in Hollywood convinced themselves they had actual power over Americans. They overwhelmingly endorsed the most liberal president in history and when he was elected, they thought they had something to do with it.

They didn't realize that Obama won largely thanks to his charisma, effective campaign managers, and the fact that he wasn't George W. Bush.

But when Hollywood is given a lying, untrustworthy, and generally disliked woman as a candidate, all their "star power" couldn't move the needle in her favor.

Trump not only won, but he turned long time blue states--like PA, MI, and WI--red.

This has proven that we own celebrities, not the other way around. We made them, with our dollars and attention, but we are not about to give our country away just because Robert Downy Jr. gets teary-eyed in front of a camera.

Then of course came the response from my favorite stable of weirdoes: social justice warriors. For the last year we've had to sit through their unjust, emotion-driven attack on our way of life. These blue-haired, noise-pierced freaks who have yet to enter the workforce have dominated conversations online.  These people are so stupid, they can't even acknowledge basic science by calling themselves he or she.

We've seen how they've tried to disrupt legitimate talks at Universities. By their own behavior they prove they do not embrace American values of free speech, tolerance, diversity of thought, and now free elections.

The news is pouring in all over America as the triggered snowflakes react to the news that Donald Trump is now their President. After eight years of having a social justice ally in the White House, they have to deal with a real leader.

And baby don't like it.

All across social media, these children are learning to deal with the results of an election where they've lost. Instead of taking it like mature adults (spoiler: they're not), they are lashing out like the babies they are.

People in major liberal hubs like Austin and New York gathered in the streets to protest Donald Trump's victory:

Despite calls for a peaceful acceptance of the election results by their own candidates, marchers blocked traffic, screamed obscenities, and protested the president elect, making various threats that they won’t follow the American practice of political transition that has existed for over 200 years. (via Breitbart)

Although these large gatherings make it seem like thousands are furious over the results of an election (one that was rigged from the start to install Hillary), we know that our old buddy George Soros and his Democratic cabal is behind it. Pictures from Austin show buses bringing in people to participate in these "organic" demonstrations.

Much like the ineffective riots and demonstrations they've arranged in the past, these protests will end once Soros decides to spend his money on better purposes. Hey, he's going to be busy for a while, trying to decide how best to torture Hillary Clinton.

Remember Occupy Wall Street? This "movement" was a similar attempt by disaffected, childish, out of work hippies who wanted to lash out at their perceived enemy: successful, wealthy businessmen. For them, the devil was not a supernatural force bent on deceiving humanity, but white guys.  Yet for all their belly aching Occupy Wall Street accomplished nothing.

Oh wait, it did a few things: it ruined small businesses and destroyed a privately owned park.

There are a few voices of reason that are getting drowned out in the cacophony of nonsense. Tom Bergeron, TV host and entertainer, wisely said via Twitter:

Worth remembering today for those of us whose candidate lost: how we act in defeat tells more about our character than how we act in victory.

Ouch. A smart and powerful indictment on all those people protesting the results of our democracy. It proves that they were never for our American values from the start. How could they be? When the American people voted for Donald Trump, they refused to accept it.

Peaceful protest is legal. You can protest the election all you want. Make yourself look like an idiot. But beyond it accomplishing nothing, it proves the right's point in saying the regressive left doesn't care about freedom, equality, or democracy- only about having its own way.

So what do all the conservatives and independents do in light of this unjustified backlash? Well, most of us are too busy working to deal with these childish antics. You see, the vast majority of Americans are too concerned with supporting their families, embracing life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You know, the American way.

The best thing we can do is ignore it. When you have a child that's screaming because they can't have their way, you let them throw the tantrum. The will eventually tire out and be forced to deal with reality. Everyone knows the parent to who gives into a temper tamper is a failure; they will raise a spoiled terrible brat, whom everyone will hate.

Don't rise to the bait of social justice losers. They will tire of their antics (and their backers will run out of money) and be forced to accept the results of the election, especially when Trump takes office and starts to fix this nation.


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