The Left Shows Their Hand, Again: It’s Not Okay To Be White

On the first of November, WND reported that stickers, signs, and posters declaring ‘It’s Okay to be White’ had been posted around college campuses in Louisiana, Washington, Ohio, Massachusetts, Alabama, and even Canada. Coordinated and by users of the online forum 4chan, the message is a sentiment that seems innocuous enough. Who would claim that it’s not okay to be born white? What would be their logical argument? There wouldn’t be one, of course, they would simply accuse you of being racist for stating the fact that being of any race, including Caucasian, is OK.

The sign-posters knew the left’s groups who pride and pay themselves on sowing seeds of racial division would react irrationally to a statement of fact. Anything associated with whiteness, to these groups, is not ‘okay’. In fact, all whites seem synonymous with oppression, racism, and evil.

The reaction to these stickers that simply said being white is not an inherent flaw or cause for vilification shows just how invested in outrage that the left, typified by academia, has become. Charges of racism, unfounded or not (most often they’re not), are thrown around more wantonly than beads at Mardi Gras. It’s an effective silencer, but it is used so frequently, in such outlandish contexts, that it has lost much of its validity. The prevailing definition of racism has become so broad, so ridiculously misconstrued, that simply stating a lack of pigmentation does not make you evil qualifies as racist rhetoric.

These signs were intended to expose the race grievance industry and its cultish followers as the real racists, condemning white people based solely on their skin color. And that’s just what they did.

Here is the plan posted on 4chan, which played out to the T:

“The next morning, the media goes completely berserk. Normies tune in to see what’s going on, see the posters saying, ‘It’s okay to be white,’ and the media & leftists frothing at the mouth. Normies realize that leftists & journalists hate white people, so they turn on them. Credibility of far-left campuses and media gets nuked, massive victory for the right in the culture war, many more /ourguys/ spawned overnight.” (WND)

To most ‘normies’, the credibility of academia and mainstream media has long been ‘nuked’. But this does expose the truth which boils under the surface of not only academia, but also groups such as BLM and growing populations of the American populace: they harbor irrational levels of anger toward white people, especially successful white men. They generalize about an entire group, associating 21st century men – especially the wealthy ones – with the likes of slave owners on a regular basis.

NBA star and noted racial divider/blowhard Draymond Green recently posted this on his Instagram feed:

‘For starters, let's stop using the word owner and maybe use the word Chairman. To be owned by someone just sets a bad precedent to start. It sets the wrong tone. It gives one the wrong mindset.’

Mark Cuban schooled Draymond in the most basic of business lessons, explaining that ‘owner’ means an owner of equity in a business, in this case a pro sports franchise. Yet, people take these proclamations that modern slavery is imposed on multi-millionaire athletes seriously. Look no further than the aggressive, immediate reaction by law enforcement and college administrators to the – ghasp – assertion that one’s skin color doesn’t determine their character as evidence that the word ‘racist’ warrants, without exception, a call to outrage and even law enforcement.

The hyperbolic reaction to the signs by police departments and college administrators also further exposed just how suppressed free speech has become on college campuses, and the reality that fringe, vitriolic, close-minded segments of minority groups carry more sway in academia than the silent majorities constantly being accused of racism and microaggressions.

The Dean of Harvard Law School called the signs “offensive”, adding that ‘the stickers were “intended to divide us from one another”, and that “HLS [Harvard Law School] will not let that happen here. We live, work, teach, and learn together in a community that is stronger, better, and deeper because of our diversity and because we encourage open, respectful, and constructive discourse.”

Saying it’s okay to be yourself is ‘offensive’? It can’t be considered the perfect opportunity for what has become a one-sided ‘discourse’ about whites being inherently racist? It becomes increasingly clear by the day why comedians refuse to perform at college campuses. These race-baiters are ravenous, huh?

Naturally, the media hopped right on board with the message that the sign was intended to stir up racial tension. As if the pot of race-based grievances needed any more stirring.

According to a report on WUSA9 TV, the “It’s okay to be white” signs represent “a concentrated effort to foment racial and political tension.” The station said that the story out of Montgomery County MD was “disturbing.”’ (American News)

What’s disturbing, WUSA9 TV, is the fact that you find the statement ‘it’s okay to be white’ to be disturbing. Boston Magazine characterized the signs as ‘infuriatingly innocent-sounding’. That’s because they are innocent, and the fact that it infuriates writer Spencer Buell speaks more about his own prejudices and close-mindedness than anything else.

Schools with reported sightings of the signs include Harvard, Princeton, Tulane, Western Washington, Auburn, the University of Kansas and Concordia College, as well as the Universities of Toronto and Alberta. According to College Fix, outrage was universally sparked among the perpetually aggrieved segments within each university.

‘“I am deeply disgusted that this organized online campaign to divide university communities across the country has come to our campus. It is shameful that anyone would use these posters to promote a racist agenda,” University of Kansas’ student body president, Mady Womack, told the Kansan.

The flyers were denounced as “racist” and the school’s Multicultural Student Government conveyed an “emergency meeting” over it, according to the report.’

That sign is racist? No, KU Multicultural Student Government statement issuer, you’re racist. You don’t think it’s okay to be white. By definition, you are the racist. The lack of critical thought and complete hypocrisy is once again astounding, but not surprising. Common sense Americans have come to see that its frequency of misuse has made ‘racist’ a less and less effective insult. That is in large part because it is used as a cover-all for silencing those who dare disagree with a minority’s argument, or even assert that skin color does not make a man. Despite the obvious use of ‘racism’ as a silencing tactic, the charge still warrants potentially life-altering repercussions for anyone accused of being bigoted.

In Canada, one of the whitest countries on the planet, police probes are reportedly launched to find the ‘culprits’ who committed the crime of expressing factual free speech on a college campus. Not only is it apparently racist to say that being born with a certain ethnicity is okay, it’s apparently criminal.

Welcome to 2017, where being white and claiming not pride, not superiority, but mere acceptance of your skin color and ethnicity can be considered a criminal matter. And they call us the Nazis…











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