The Left Continues To Harass Conservative America

The Left Continues To Harass Conservative America

It was only a matter of time before things got this bad. Damn, I hate to think what I will be saying six months from now, but the truth is the chaos that is unfolding across America and the world was inevitable. If you poke an animal long enough, it doesn’t matter how tame it is, it’s going to eventually bite back.

That’s what we’re seeing happen right now among conservatives and non-liberals.

For a long time, long before Donald Trump was elected, the left have attacked conservatives. They have painted us as racists and bigots. They have claimed we only help the rich and oppress the working classes and poor. They brand us all white supremacists and sexists, despite the many non-white, non-male conservatives in America.

They have harassed us, bullied us, and used every dirty trick in the book to keep us down. Did you not expect us to fight back?

Every time a liberal is elected, or a liberal cause advances, the left claims it is a victory for all people. We should all celebrate, because a liberal win is a win for humanity. Yet when a conservative is elected amd conservative value is upheld or protected, it’s the end of the world. Hope dies. Democracy is in peril. All the good that exists in the world is withering and dying. Give me a break.

The double standard coming from the left is no accident. It is a part of their strategy. They use trickery and deceit to get their way. Seemingly noble causes are warped and manipulated to win over large amounts of supports. Yet ironically those same causes—and people—are the very last things liberals care about.

How else can you explain “environmentalists” like DiCaprio and Gore flying in high-polluting jets and living in massive, power-consuming mansions? Or the many environmental protestors that destroy the environment with trash and garbage? How else can you explain Socialists like Bernie Sanders railing against the richest one percent, while his earnings put him in that very same category?

The left lies, rewrites history, ignores facts, and then calls you the villain for confronting them. They thrive off of manipulated emotions, empty sentiments, and flawed logic. And their solution after years of their policies failing? Give them more power!

Is it any wonder why a man like Donald Trump, flaws and all, can be elected to the White House? Talk about Russia all you want, but come 2018 and 2020, more of the same will happen.

People were shocked and downright dumbfounded when they saw Donald Trump gain traction during the primaries. They couldn’t believe the vast amounts of Americans could support a man with no prior political experience, whose claim to fame was for saying “You’re fired!”

But these liberals were deliberately ignorant of the situation many Americans were facing.

Just as Alfred explained to Bruce Wayne, “You pushed them to a point of desperation, so they turned to a man they didn’t fully understand.”

The only person you can blame for President Donald Trump is President Barack Obama. Barry’s radical social justice agenda, his empty promises, his consistently duplicitous behavior, successfully pushed Americans for a massive change.

The glorious, liberal, Socialist utopia the left was hoping to create came crashing down.. All because Americans were tired of being branded as the enemies of the world.

Terrorism? That’s America’s fault! Poor global economy? America! Global Warming? America! Race problems? You better believe that’s America’s fault. No country ever had race problems before the United States!

It’s hardly a surprise to see how America revolted against the ever-tightening grip of liberal Socialism by electing Trump. Even the most radical liberals acknowledged this during the election (and must sorely regret saying anything now).

But what has been the left’s reaction in this new age? Have they changed tactics? Have they tried to embrace Americans, winning them over with promises of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?


Liberals are waging an even uglier war against their presumed enemies: everyday Americans like you and me. They’re not even trying to pretend to play fair.

They’ve protested the election. They’ve threatened the Electoral College. They’ve branded conservatives racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic. They rioted during the Inauguration. They’ve lied through their newspapers. They’ve invented rumors about Russian collusion. And they’ve used violent imagery to not-so-subtly encourage dissenters to lash out.

Do you really think we weren’t going to respond?

One of the nastier tactics the left uses to censor and silence conservative voices is through boycotting. When stories emerged claiming that the biggest and most influential conservative newsman, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, had done some naughty things, liberal organization Media Matters targeted advertisers that supported the station.

Despite the fact that O’Reilly was their biggest personality, who was with the station from the beginning, they dumped him so fast it made heads spin.

And they’ve been suffering for it.

Next came Sean Hannity. Hannity has done nothing wrong. There are no rumors that he’s sexually harassed anyone. But he was one of the few news people discussing the Seth Rich murder, and the possibility the DNC had him killed because he was the leaker, not Russian hackers.

We can’t have that! So the same liberal group targeted Hannity’s sponsors.

It seems like the left only likes capitalism when they can manipulate it for their activists purposes. Well it turns out this was the last straw. Their attempts at boycotting and getting Hannity ousted failed. And now conservatives are giving them a dose of their own medicine.

Just as weak-kneed advertisers began to flee Hannity's Fox News program, a group of conservatives finally had enough — namely Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center, and a new group called Media Equalizer.

Fighting fire with fire — because we have been left with no other choice — these groups have already launched highly-organized campaigns to threaten boycotts against advertisers who sponsor all of these Hate Programs on CNN and MSNBC, these shows devoted 24/7 to destroying President Trump with wild-eyed conspiracies. (Daily Wire)

After years of being bullied by the mafia-like strategies from the left, conservatives are fighting back. Liberal groups have boycotted and harassed companies associated with conservatives, hoping they’d withdraw their support. But conservatives can do that too, especially when liberal news outlets are flagrantly publishing lies and fake news.

Already we’ve seen CNN respond to pressure in the aftermath of Kathy Griffin’s severed head photo. Advertisers like Bank of America have withdrawn support from controversial liberal productions.

You might say, “But this is stupid.” Boycotting and attacking advertisers so they withdraw support, crippling a show, is the opposite of protecting free speech. That is a street tactic that will only lead to more fighting.

You’re right. It’s ugly and wrong and contrary to our American principles. But this is war, plain and simple. And it’s only going to end when one side is destroyed.

They fired the first shots; conservatives are only catching up.

Then there was that disgusting rendition of Julius Caesar at Central Park in New York. A tax payer backed group that is supposed to bring Shakespeare to the masses used the opportunity to spread their hate against the President of the United States.

People were outraged, backers withdrew their money, but the self-righteous elitists who put on the show refused to change it or apologize. In their ego-soaked, tiny brains, they were doing the right thing. Conservatives like Trump, after all, are bigoted Nazi’s. At the very least we should kill them, live on stage, in front of an audience.

But when conservatives decide to speak out, they’re outraged.

For the second time this weekend, conservative protesters appear to have interrupted a performance of The Public Theater’s ‘Julius Caesar,’ a play that has drawn criticism for its featuring of a President Trump-lookalike being assassinated.

According to Cassandra Fairbanks, writing for Big League Politics, tonight’s performance was The Public Theater’s final display of ‘Julius Caesar.’

Fairbanks reports that a first protester, whom she calls “Proud Boy Jovi Val” stormed the stage screaming, “liberal hate kills.” (Milo)

People have criticized these outbursts as attacking free speech and expression. As if conservatives have no right to comment on their president being mock-murdered by entitled liberals (liberals who seem to forget the irony that Caesar is the hero of the goddamn story, whose death is a tragedy).

Yet while liberals defend their right to attack, slander, disgrace, and pollute our values, traditions and leaders, when conservatives speak up, we are branded disrupters and enemies of speech.

I’ve talked about how conservative-leaning ABC sitcom Last Man Standing, was canceled despite shockingly high ratings. While there is some hope it might be picked up by CMT, there is something worth noting. While the show had an obvious conservative focus, most of the supporting characters held to liberal ideals. Mike’s wife and two daughters were liberal. His buddies, co-workers, neighbor, and son-in-law were more or less liberal. Most episodes showed both sides of the argument in a relatively honest and fair light.

Can you say that about the overwhelming number of liberal TV shows that address political and social issues? Most conservatives are portrayed as science-hating hicks, narrow-mined racists, or simply uneducated and ignorant.

The last remaining conservative show gave both sides a fair shake, and it was killed.

I’m not saying this backlash is a good thing. I’m not saying an all-out war between both sides will produce good results. War breeds only death and chaos. Even when wars are fought over good causes, terrible things result, no matter what.

All I’m saying is that this was inevitable, thanks to the left’s dishonest and dirty tactics.

We are seeing similar responses around the world. When politically correct, liberals refuse to do the right thing; unpredictable and chaotic responses are inevitable.

In the last three months, England—a flickering light of hope in Europe—has been hit by terrorism. Gruesome attacks in London and Manchester have cost the lives of many.

Yet what has the UK government done to curtail it? Nothing, only spout more politically correct bullshit. Instead they arrest people who are simply expressing their frustration and fear over their children dying.

The United Kingdom’s leadership refuses to address the growing threat of radical, Islamic terror. They even acknowledge that upwards of 20,000 jihadis live in the UK, with 3,000 of them posing an imminent threat. Then they say they won’t do anything about it.

Why? Because targeting terrorist cells in the UK would result in many Muslims and people of Middle Eastern descent being arrested. Not because of their race or religion, but because they are the ones supporting terror. That would mean countless stories on the biased BBC making the government and police appear Islamophobic. We can’t have that! So the fear of being politically incorrect is preventing the UK government from doing its job, from keeping their people safe.

Is it really a surprise that stuff like this is happening?

London police are investigating a suspected terror attack and have arrested a 48 year old on suspicion of attempted murder after a van was driven into a crowd of people on a London street near a mosque in Finsbury Park. Eyewitnesses have said the man got out of the vehicle and shouted “I want to kill all Muslims”. (Breitbart)

Listen to me very carefully: what this person did was wrong. He targeted and attacked innocent civilians. But this kind of thing will continue to happen, so long as we watch terrorists regularly attack our cities, while our leaders DO NOTHING.

I do not condone violence of any kind. The answer is to elect people who will uphold our laws and work to keep us safe. But when everyday people are being ignored, when their concerns and fears are being neglected to maintain a PC status quo, this kind of chaos will only get worse.

Thankfully, in the United States we will hopefully avoid this kind of thing, because we’ve elected a man that will use our justice system for it intended purpose: to fight criminals and terrorists. But Europe isn’t so lucky. The EU continues down a path that punishes their citizens and welcomes terrorism.

But of course, liberals don’t see it that way. When radical Muslims attack innocent civilians, they are quick to defend Muslims from hate. They refuse to acknowledge the source of the violence. But when a non-Muslim man allegedly attacks a mosque? Liberals are quick to hunt down radicals.

Amid reports that the suspect is white, many liberals online have decided that – unlike the previous terror attacks in London, Manchester and Westminster – this incident is worthy of immediate action and identification of “hate preachers.” (Milo)

They’re not quick to defend the vast majority of white Brits who abhor violence. There are no #NotAllEnglish hashtags popping up on social media. Instead they want to confront those who might have inspired this man to attack Muslims.

Hmm, shouldn’t that standard be used for all kinds of terror attacks? Shouldn’t we also confront the Muslims in the UK that preach hate and violence against the West?

Nope. Just white people.

I’m sad to have to say things will only get worse before they get better. The left will continue their unjustifiable war against conservatives and anyone that refuses to goose-step along with them. Non-liberals will become increasingly frustrated and harassed, until they are forced to fight back.

It will be ugly, it will bring casualties.

But liberals, you are to blame.