L.A. City Council Drops ‘Columbus Day’ for ‘Indigenous Peoples Day’

Did nobody inform progressive leadership of the phrase ‘give an inch, take a mile’?

Progressives’ reliance upon gender and race politics, their embrace of political correctness, and their general lack of either a backbone or common sense has created a system of rule-by-outrage that, to the rational observer, is nothing short of frightening. 

It is a system which necessitates that one giant leap toward political correctness will necessarily be outdone by the next, edging further and further toward the vision which the most radical progressives have for America. It is a vision of a nation which pretends white men have contributed nothing to the freest, most welcoming, and socially mobile nation the world has ever seen. Forget that, you know, white men wrote into law the foundation of the nation’s principles, the same principles that have allowed for countless immigrants to prosper under its venerable Constitution.

“But….they owned slaves!” the progressives cry with a vitriol found only in mobs of jobless gender studies majors. “No Trump, no KKK, no racist USA!” they holler as they attempt to whitewash their nation’s history, a blueprint for all that is considered civilized and just in a system of rule.

They cite ‘cultural relativism’ as reason to refrain from calling honor killings, female genital mutilation, and other forms of barbarism what it is… barbarism. These imports from the Middle East and other primarily Muslim nations must be tolerated, they say, because the context of that culture says that they are tolerable, necessary even.

These groups decry those who point out that approximately 513,000 young girls at risk of having a portion their genitals forcefully removed is despicable and cause for reciprocal treatment of the offender. “How dare you criticize the medieval, torturous beliefs of another culture?” they ask, foam oozing from their pink-haired heads.

Parents alleged to have served up their daughters to a doctor with the express purpose of having their genitalia irreparably mangled are placed right back in the custody of these monsters by American courts. Not just any American courts, however. These courts are, without exception, courts governed by judges representing progressive America, in this case the ruin we call Detroit. 

Because… cultural relativism (aka progressive idiocy-turned-child-endangerment). For progressives, any culture is acceptable so long as it is not the culture that, in truth, resulted in America as we know it. Increasingly, it seems more honest to face the reality: America as we knew it.

Culturally intolerant. Lacking in the application of context. These are two of the most common allegations levied against those who denounce unspeakable violence against women and children. In progressive speak, this denouncement is called “Islamaphobia”, or an irrational fear of Islam derived from deep-seated xenophobia.

Yet, for people who are willing to go to such great lengths to overlook child torture in the name of cultural context in 2017, they sure as hell leave little room for cultural differences when it comes to the Founding Fathers. They aren’t even willing to extend this cultural relativism to the man who sailed the ocean blue in 1492. 

Barbarism in 2017 is an acceptable cultural difference of opinion. Barbarism 525 years ago?

Now that is unacceptable. That must be universally condemned. That is something to get riled up about. 

This is not hyperbole. This is the implication made by the Los Angeles City Council when it decided to replace Columbus Day on the city calendar with Indigenous Peoples Day. It seems like we say it every third day now, but you really can’t make this up.

Give an inch in the form of a Confederate Statue or two, and you’ve given up your mile in the form of Columbus Day. This is the problem with any form of progressive appeasement. It never stops. It was never going to stop at Robert E. Lee, and it won’t stop at Columbus either. Washington, Jefferson, you are next.

Perhaps more concerning is the moralistic determination which progressives, and in this case the LA City Council, feel qualified to dictate to the world. Not only was Chris Columbus a despicable figure representing evil, indigenous peoples are inherently a virtuous, unequivocal figure of good. Not only will progressives tell you what not to believe, who not to celebrate, but also what to believe, who to revere.

It is what President Obama attempted to do when he proposed replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill with Harriett Tubman. This stark dichotomy was no accident. Powerful white man who played a critical role in America’s history: bad. Black, decidedly not-powerful yet admirable woman: good.

It plays all too well into the Obama administration’s dedication to racial division to be dismissed as coincidence. In many ways, it was a prescient indicator of further division to come, division which the Obama administration willfully kicked into overdrive. To think this division was not a means to a greater end, the reorientation of America’s history, is naïve. What else could they have hoped to accomplish through such a stark dichotomy between white and black, man and woman, ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’?

It is the definition of revisionist history, and it is nothing short of historical whitewashing draped in unfathomable hypocrisy. It is modern progressivism, also known as historical revisionism. 

White men not included.

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