Keep On Winning: Milo Yiannopoulos And The New Normal

Recently I talked about how disruptive raconteur Milo Yiannopoulos used memes, campus talks, and a general disrespect for the status quo to help inspire a surge of support for Donald Trump.

If you asked the man himself, he'd say he single handedly helped Trump win, but that's all grist for the mill.

The fact remains that Milo is helping create the New Normal: an era of free speech that isn't dominated or controlled by the so-called gatekeepers of the past. Once upon a time conservatives and regular citizens couldn't speak their mind freely, thanks to powerful liberal publishers, newspapers, and cable channels that controlled the means of communication.

But thanks to the unfettered power of the Internet and social media, mavericks like Milo and many others can spread their ideas, often in rebellion to established liberal tyrants who still try to stop their message.

Despite the unending assault from social justice warriors, liberal critics, college faculty and LGBT publications, a conservative British homosexual writer is making waves across the United States.

Before I even finished that piece, news hit that the "Dangerous Faggot" (his words) signed a whopping $250,000 book deal. We keep on winning.

Milo Yiannopoulos has parlayed his ban from Twitter  — and some controversial appearances on college campuses and cable TV shows — into a $250,000 book deal with Threshold Editions, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, The Hollywood Reporter learned on Thursday.

“They said banning me from Twitter would finish me off. Just as I predicted, the opposite has happened,” Yiannopoulos told THR, confirming the upcoming book without commenting on financial details. “Did it hurt Madonna being banned from MTV in the 1990s? Did all that negative press hurt Donald Trump’s chances of winning the election?” (via THR)

Milo came to prominence as a tech writer during the infamous Gamergate controversy. During the 2016 election, he was rocketed to Internet stardom, thanks largely in part to the people trying to silence him. His new book will no doubt explore his career and rise to popularity, while taking healthy jabs at the left and his critics.

Now before you think this is just a shill for Milo's new book, let's look at the immediate backlash the book deal announcement created. You'd think an outspoken, gay writer signing a huge, five-figure book deal would garner praise from LGBT groups and liberals around the world.

But because he has the "wrong" opinions, they have fired back with the kind of hypocritical attack normally reserved for people like Mike Pence.

This afternoon, MILO publicly announced the release of his new book DANGEROUS, and the masses took to Twitter in a fit of rage.

It began with a Hollywood Reporter tweet to break the story, followed by an outburst in the tweet’s replies and across the timelines of Twitter. (via Breitbart)

Attacks ranged from boycotts of Simon & Schuster to tweets calling for Milo's death and burning in hell. Seriously, the left is so scattered, so panicked that a gay man has a book deal, they're wishing he was burning in hell.

You can't make this kind of thing up.

The insanity continued from there. Despite trending number 1 on Twitter, from both fans and critics discussing the news, Chicago Review of Books felt the need to jump into the ring and promised to ban reviewing any Simon & Schuster books coming out next year.

The Chicago Review of Books tweeted today that they would not be reviewing any books published by Simon and Schuster in 2017, calling the publishing of Breitbart Senior Editor MILO’s book, DANGEROUS, a “disgusting validation of hate.” (via Breitbart)

Unwilling to learn from their mistakes, the regressive left is leveraging the same kind of attacks on Milo as they have Donald Trump, by spreading slanderous lies that cannot be backed with evidence. They called Trump sexist, racist, and xenophobic and he won by an electoral landslide.

Milo attacks social justice warriors, political correctness, and the Socialism of the left and they say he is spreading hate. These critics don't understand that their baseless attacks only help fuel more attention for people like Milo and help motivate more reasonably-minded people to respect and support him.

When asked for comment on the Chicago Review of Books’ anti-intellectual boycott of Simon and Schuster books, MILO said “Contrary to rumor, I didn’t give the Chicago Review of Books my $250k in exchange for this, the sort of free publicity about which every controversial author dreams.” (via Breitbart)

Despite the sad and desperate attacks by the left, Milo's new book is already ranking on Amazon, hitting number one in the Humor category, beating out The Daily Show Book.  As of this writing, the book- still in preorder- is #2 overall bestseller on the website. Red Alert Politics predicts it will outsell Hillary Clinton's Stronger Together. Not a huge surprise if you ask me.

So what does that tell us? You may not like Milo. That's okay- you don't have to like every handsome, clever, unapologetic writer out there. You may not support some of his opinions (I don't agree with his view that Catholics get everything right).

But you should be willing to learn from Milo's example. Much like Trump, he is not afraid to turn into the controversy. He doesn't shy away from it- he doesn't apologize for opinions and beliefs that are the core of who he is. In fact, he's the kind of person that embraces the drama, as it only serves to bring more attention to his cause.

That kind of uncompromising spirit has been sorely lacking among conservatives and our leaders for some time. The corporate nature of our government and culture has birthed the idea that in order to sell a product or build a brand, you have to tip-toe around every person's opinion. The fear of offending someone has prevented truth and common sense from being the established rules in our decision-making.

Milo is the kind of disruptive force we needed for a long time. A kind of brashness that does not apologize for taking a stand for conservative values. And of course, humor that isn't afraid of stomping on a few toes once and while, or all the time.

Milo's new book Dangerous is up for preorder on Amazon right now.

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