Kamala Harris Considering Joe Biden Endorsement After Attacking Him at Debates

California Sen. Kamala Harris is considering endorsing former Vice President Joe Biden despite clashing with him on the campaign trail, The New York Times reports.

Harris is considering an endorsement of Biden after the Senate impeachment trial, according to the report.

Harris remained in contact with Biden after dropping out of the race.

A spokesman for Harris denied that any decision had been made.

“Senator Harris remains focused on the ongoing impeachment trial of President Trump,” spokesman Chris Harris tod The Times. “No decisions have been made about whether she will endorse, which candidate, nor when an endorsement decision will be made.”

Harris “uneasy” about decision:

According to Democrats close to Harris, the California senator is “mindful” that two of her female colleagues, Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar, are still in the race and is “uneasy” about the possibility of backing someone who may lose the primary in her home state of California.

The decision is a major turnaround from when Harris went after Biden on the debate stage over his past opposition to busing and his praise of segregationist senators that he worked with decades earlier.

Decision stokes VP rumors:

A Biden endorsement would go a long way in Harris’ chances of being picked as a vice presidential running mate, The Times noted.

Asked whether he would consider Harris as a running mate after she dropped out, Biden told reporters, “Of course I would.”

Harris is already likely on Biden’s shortlist, according to the report, but could give him a much-needed boost as he heads into the closely contested Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary.

Harris may also be considered for a cabinet post like attorney general, a position she held in California before her Senate bid.


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