Just What's Going on With Hillary? Why Hillary's Health Scare Matters

It's been talked about for months. You've seen the videos. You've heard from both sides about the matter. But the bottom line is the questions over Hillary Clinton's health will not go away.

The conservation started right around the end of the Democratic National Convention. Footage came out of the woman reacting to the balloons that customarily fall at the end of the noisy event. As the red, white, and blue gas-filled balls dropped from the ceiling, Hillary looked up and showed her surprise.

Yet, something was wrong about that face. Remember?


If you spend any time on social media (and of course you do), you've seen a plethora mash ups and memes making fun of this bizarre face. My first reaction? Just another example of Crooked Hillary's bad attempt at acting like a normal human.

I've always maintained that Hillary Clinton lives in her own fantasy world. That it takes significant effort on her part to act and behave like a normal, law-abiding citizen. So that face was perfect example of this alien trying to fit in.

But it turns out something much worse was going on. According to doctors, her erratic facial movements were more than just a bad acting. They are signs that she is suffering from a neurological disorder. Some experts have even said it was evidence she's using Parkinson's disease medication.

Of course any decent human being would show concern that the democratic candidate for president is suffering a serious disease. Yet Hillary Clinton and her campaign refused to acknowledge just want is wrong with the woman. They even sicced celebrities and their media cronies on anyone that questioned her health, calling them sexist.

Sexist. For being concerned over a potential future president's health.

Everything came to a head on September 11, when the world saw the woman collapse outside her van. The shocking footage showed that not even a team of large men could hold her up.

If you forgot, here it is:

After that episode, the Clinton camp scrambled. The video followed a period of silence where even her buddies in the media didn't know where she was, or what was happening.

Liberal journalists expressed frustration over the episode. "How are supposed to lie for her, if she doesn't give us the script!"

The final excuse for her collapse? Heat stroke. No, dehydration. No, wait! Pneumonia! That's what it is! She's had pneumonia all along! That explains months of problems.

Except, pneumonia doesn't last that long. And Hillary's had signs of being ill for years (Just ask her husband, who gaffed when he said to Charlie Rose she frequently collapsed).

But what does it matter? Is the health of Hillary Clinton really that important during a presidential election?

Maybe it is sexist to question her health, while her rival Donald Trump is a robust, health man who's health no one questions.

Yes, there are bigger reasons not to vote for Hillary. Those include her constant track record of lying, even lying under oath. Her embezzlement scheme known as the Clinton Foundation. Her intentions of eradicating the Second Amendment.

And let's not forget Benghazi.

But her health is an issue. For democrats as well as republicans.

Let's take a minute and pretend we're liberals. Painful, I know. But let's say you care about the left's version of reality. Let's pretend you think wealthfare programs, open borders, and "social justice" are keys to making American great.

We--as left-wing democrats--should be upset more than anyone else that our candidate might be suffering from a serious disease. This is more than just a bout with pneumonia. When doctors and medical professionals can see that something's wrong from just a photo, then something's seriously wrong.

All the causes we'd care about, all the change and progress that we--imaginary democrats--think need to be made, are jeopardized by putting a sick leader into office. The President of the United States needs to lead from a position of strength. Everything from staff meetings to negotiating with foreign powers is affected, if the president needs powerful drugs just to stand up straight.

And let's talk about the sheer amount of lying Clinton and her cronies have to do in order to keep this a secret. Anyone that meets with the woman up close and personal would see that she is not well (why do you think she hid from the press for almost a year?). The people closest to her, from her campaign aides to everyone in the DNC, will have to lie about what they saw.

We are looking at a massive cover up that extends to the highest levels of the Democratic Party.

Sound conspiratorial? Let's look at the video again:

That's not footage of a healthy woman. They are covering something up.

Every well-meaning democrat needs to take a hard look at Hillary's health. They, above everyone else, deserve to know if she is healthy or not. There must be a medical examination--by an independent physician--for both Clinton and Trump. Eliminating any doubt to her health will be the only way to reinforce confidence in her party.

What are they odds she'll do that? I wouldn't bet money on it, trust me.

My prediction is her health will continue to deteriorate. As the rest of the election plays out, getting more grueling with each trip, Clinton will be forced to either slow down her pace (which she already is doing) or burn out on an epic scale.

There is already speculation that she'll bow out of some of the debates.

Time is running out for the DNC to make a change. Best case scenario: they pull Clinton and replace her with an emergency candidate.

The odds of that happening are even lower.


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