Judge Restricts Right-Wing Group Monitoring Arizona Ballot Drop Boxes

A federal judge on Tuesday imposed restrictions on a right-wing group staking out ballot drop boxes in Arizona, CNN reports.

Judge Michael Liburdi, a Trump appointee that last week refused to block Clean Elections USA from monitoring the drop boxes, imposed several limits on the group Tuesday.

The judge banned members from carrying guns or wearing body armor within 250 feet of drop boxes and banned them from speaking to or yelling at voters dropping off their ballots.

The judge also banned the group from photographing or filming any voters or posting images online.

The ruling comes in response to a lawsuit from voting rights groups accusing the group of voter intimidation and harassment.

DOJ intervention:

Liburdi last week declined to ban the group from staking out ballot drop boxes entirely, arguing that there was not enough evidence to require a court to restrict the group’s First Amendment rights.

After the ruling, the Justice Department submitted a brief arguing that the “vigilante ballot security efforts” are likely illegal under the Voting Rights Act and “raise serious concerns of voter intimidation.”


An Arizona voter testified at Tuesday’s hearing recalling how right-wing “bullies” left his wife “terrified” after filming them dropping off their ballots and falsely accusing them of voter fraud.

The voter said they were harassed by a group with cameras who accused them of being “mules.”

“If I had this to do over again, and I knew people were down there with an intent to influence me in any way, no, I would not do that again,” the man testified.


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