Josh Hawley Raises $3 Million After Leading GOP Effort to Block Election Results

Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley raised more than $3 million in the three months after he led the Republican effort to block the certification of electoral results, Politico reports.

Hawley drew widespread condemnation after he pumped his fist to the mob that would soon rampage through the halls of Congress and leading the Senate objections to the counting of Electoral College votes. Many wrote off Hawley’s career as over. But the haul shows that the party’s base appears to be embracing the freshman senator.

It’s an unusually large fundraising number given that Hawley is not up for re-election until 2024. But he has been discussed as a potential presidential contender, at least in Republican Party circles.

Massive increase for Hawley:

Hawley got more than 57,000 donations in the first three months of the year, including $600,000 in the 2.5 weeks immediately following the Capitol riot even though he paused fundraising during that time.

Hawley raised just $43,000 in his first three months in office. The $3 million is more than 10 times what many of his colleagues have raised at similar points in their terms.

Hawley, who is not known as a big-time fundraiser, will also be able to access the contact information for his tens of thousands of new donors to hit them up for money for years to come.

Hawley, Greene lead GOP fundraising:

Hawley along with Marjorie Taylor Greene brought in eye-popping hauls in a quarter in which they were mired in controversy.

Greene raised even more than Hawley after being booted from her committee seats, raising $3.2 million

But Greene relied largely on small-dollar online donations while sources close to Hawley said much of his haul came from a “donor-prospecting effort in which he invested.”

Hawley held four fundraisers at the end of March that drew around $500,000.

It’s also notable that a senator who is not up for re-election for nearly four years already held four big fundraisers in a single month.


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