Jon Stewart Urges Democrats to "Beat" Trump With Ideas-- There's Just One Problem

Let’s be honest. The whole “impeach Trump” thing is a pipe dream, a ridiculous one, at that. Liberals who are still fuming over the 2016 Election fantasize that Donald Trump will be removed from office. Over what, exactly? Accusations that have yet to be proven.

In their minds, removing him from office through impeachment is a way of “erasing” the last two years. “He was illegitimate,” they cry. “Now we can get back on track with ruining the United States!” These same Democrats live in a fantasy world, not reality. Impeachment will not put Hillary Clinton into office; it will no undo the many “travesties” committed by this White House (I guess a booming jobs market, lower taxes, and improved national security are bad things).

All it would do is make liberals feel a bit better to know Trump’s not in office. A Pyrrhic victory if there ever was one. Believe me, liberals, you don’t want Mike Pence in the Oval Office. You’d never see daylight again.

Despite all this, some Democrats—even elected officials—still demand Donald Trump’s immediate removal. People like Maxine Waters, and a few other choice representatives, think pushing to unjustly impeach the President is a good strategy. It’s getting sad. These Democrats are so deranged; they don’t realize the damage they are causing to their own party.

What does it say about a party who is so petty, so childish, their only platform going into the 2018 mid-terms is to remove the president from office? It says nothing good.

Perhaps that’s why comedian and former Daily Show host Jon Stewart had a few choice words for the Democrats. He urged them to move past impeachment and try to beat Trump with their ideas.

Hilarious, I know, but we’ll get to that.

According to the Daily Beast, during a stand-up performance in San Francisco, Stewart discussed the possibility of Russia interfering in the United States' presidential election and special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation…

Stewart argued that if Russia had helped former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to win, the Democrats would have tried to look the other way. However, since Trump won, now we have to “act like it’s super important,” because of the possibility it could end his presidency.

“F**k impeaching the guy, f**k any of that stuff,” he told the audience. “Beat him, in an election, with ideas.” (IJR)

I’m not the biggest fan of Stewart, but from time to time he says something of substance. He seems to be one of the few Hollywood liberals that hasn’t taken a vacation from reality. He’s not a raving lunatic like Rosie O’Donnell or Rob Reiner. He still has a career, after all.

But I have to hand it to Stewart. He’s speaking the truth when he confronts Democrats over their “outrage” about the supposed Russian interference with our election. Let’s be frank: we’ve yet to find definitive evidence that Russia did anything to alter the outcome of our election. The DOJ revealed that about a dozen Russians were screwing around on social media. That’s it. There is no evidence they tampered with our voting systems. We don’t even know for sure if they were the ones who hacked the Democrats’ emails; considering they had a corrupt man leading their IT department, it’s very unlikely that Russia had anything to do with it.

It is painfully clear that Donald Trump did not “collude” with anyone at the Kremlin.

Stewart is right in admitting that if Hillary had benefitted from Russian involvement, the Democrats wouldn’t have said boo. In fact, Hillary did collude with Russian agents when she paid for the bogus dossier meant to smear Trump. That false collection of “reports” was supposed to be used by our media to destroy Trump before the election. It was a calculated effort to alter voters, with help from Russia.

You don’t see any Democrats outraged over that, do you?

I have to take exception to Stewart’s solution. Obviously, I have no interest in seeing Democrats “beat” Trump. But how could they? Stewart reasonably encouraged them to beat Trump in an election with ideas. He was speaking, of course about the 2020 election. We don’t know yet who among the Democrats will try to challenge Trump.

But, ideas? What ideas do the Democrats have that can rival Trump?

I’m not saying the Democratic Party is worthless. In the past, Democrats have done good things; I personally am an admirer of JFK. But can anyone honestly say that today’s Democrats have a platform that is better than what Trump is doing?

Everyone claims they want to see America thriving; it’s the one thing all sides can agree one. At the most basic level, we just disagree on how we can achieve that. However, Democrats today have given up any pretenses of making America a better place. Their ultimate goal is to oppose Trump at every turn. You may disagree about politics, but be honest, how can the left justify its ridiculous decisions?

Democrats today embrace sanctuary cities. They put their own citizens at risk by not handing over dangerous criminals to federal authorities. This not only endangers communities (because they release criminals back into the public), but it forces ICE to take greater risks in apprehending criminals. Even the left’s defense of illegal immigration puts law-breakers ahead of their own citizens. Citizens, by the way, who continue to suffer at the hands of aliens that lower wages and take their jobs.

That’s not to mention the fact that not one Democrat voted for the tax cuts bill, the same bill that has resulted in major corporations increasing wages, hiring more people, and increasing contributions to charities. Democrats claim to support the middle class, but it was the middle class they opposed when they refused to vote in favor of a tax break.

What other “ideas” do they have that are better than Trump’s? They opposed him when he was hard on North Korea, going as far as praising the dictator’s cruel sister. Now that Trump has made history by meeting with Kim Jong-un, the left suddenly cares about human rights again.

That doesn’t include the toxic overarching policy of Democrats to raise taxes, punish private businesses, and burden Americans of all stripes with bloated government handouts. Bernie Sanders might swoon the youth with promises of higher minimum wages and free college tuition, but he has no real plan of action to make these a reality… And he won’t be around when companies lay off workers to afford those higher wages.

So, sorry, Jon; the Democrats have no ideas. Their only hope of beating Trump is through lying about his character and ignoring his many accomplishments. Maybe that will help them in some regions during the next election, but it certainly won’t help them win back the government.

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