John Kelly No Longer Speaking With Trump, Expected to Resign: CNN

White House chief of staff John Kelly is expected to resign in the coming days, CNN reported Friday.

According to the report, Kelly and President Donald Trump are at a “stalemate in their relationship” and it is “no longer seen as tenable by either party.”

The relationship has soured so much that the two have stopped speaking to each other in recent days, CNN reported.

Kelly’s departure has been rumored for months but aides told the network that they believe the “relationship can’t be salvaged this time.” The aides said Trump is increasingly concerned about Democrats taking over the House in January and needs someone more politically focused at his side.

The rumored expected replacement is Nick Ayers, the 36-year-old chief of staff to Vice President Mike Pence.

Despite his young age, Ayers has been in Republican politics for a long time and was repeatedly rumored as a possible chairman of the Republican National Committee in in 2010 and 2016.

Ayers helped push money into the Republican Governors Association and helped lead 29 Republican governors get elected by 2010.

News comes amid report that Kelly spoke to Mueller: CNN reported Friday that Kelly was interviewed by special counsel Bob Mueller after White House lawyers initially rejected the move.

Kelly is the highest-ranking White House official known to have been interviewed by Mueller, though he did not join the White House until July 2017. He previously served as the Homeland Security Secretary and was not involved with Trump until after he won the election.

According to the report, the interviews focused on Trump’s reported attempt to fire Mueller before then-White House counsel Don McGahn reportedly stopped him.


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