John Kasich Says He Might Leave The GOP

To the amusement of many Americans, Ohio Governor John Kasich announced on Sunday that he might be leaving the Republican Party if it cannot be fixed, as reported by CNN.

If the party can't be fixed, Jake, then I'm not going to be able to support the party. Period. That's the end of it,” Kasich announced during an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper. Kasich also expressed his desire for the GOP to be “straightened out,” noting his discontentment with the nominee for Alabama’s Senate seat and “dividers.

A great percentage of conservatives had a good laugh at Kasich’s declarations, due to the irrefutable irony. First and foremost, some of the main “dividers” within the GOP are the Republicans In Name Only, more commonly referred to as RINOs. As conservatives know all too well, RINOs are so-called right-wing leaders who claim to support Republican values and policies, infiltrate the party, and then work against Republicans. Unfortunately for the GOP, there are many of these people among Republican ranks, hence the failure to repeal Obamacare.

In the case of John Kasich, he has more than earned his reputation as a RINO. He’s on the record lauding members of the GOP who failed to repeal Obamacare, despite campaigning on the policy for nearly a decade. True Republicans with conservative values and principles recognize Obamacare for the nightmare that it is. The ACA is inherently socialistic, forcing people and employers to pay for something they may not want or even need, which places a great strain on entrepreneurship, especially small businesses. Furthermore, Obamacare continues to become more and more unaffordable with each passing second, but Kasich doesn’t care because he’s a RINO and he knows it.

Not too long ago, Kasich toyed with the idea of teaming up with Democrat John Hickenlooper and collaboratively running on an Independent ticket in 2020. Now, anyone who’s been in politics as long as Kasich has is well aware that Independents never win elections; they only subtract votes from Republicans and Democrats. In running as an Independent, Kasich would subtract votes which may have otherwise gone to President Trump and in doing so, he could hand the election to the Democrats.

In addition to supporting Obamacare and plotting to sabotage President Trump’s chances of reelection, Kasich is also on record supporting amnesty. Amnesty directly conflicts with the core principles of conservatism. Illegal immigrants annually cost Americans $135 billion dollars. Their excessive burden on America far outweighs the amount of taxes they contribute to the economy. True conservatives strongly oppose illegal immigration because of its devastation to the private sector, harm to the American taxpayer, and flagrant breach of law and order.

Conservatives are more than happy to show Kasich the door. He is no ally to conservatives or Republicans and will be right at home with the Democrats who love Obamacare and amnesty. Quite frankly, Kasich will be doing Republicans a favor by formally exiting the GOP. He won’t be missed.

Hopefully, more RINOs will take a cue from Kasich’s book and leave the Republican Party. As a result of RINO infiltration, progress has been sabotaged. A great example is the GOP Senate’s failure to repeal Obamacare. Each time a proposal has come close to fruition, there have been just enough Republicans to halt it. Many conservative lawmakers see the need to repeal the unaffordable ACA and are working tirelessly to pass reform. This cannot continue.

Kasich’s talk about “fixing” the Republican Party is very interesting, to say the least. All too often, when RINOs talk of “fixing” something, they usually aim to water it down or strengthen political correctness. The time for political correctness is gone. Americans, especially conservatives, are tired of the cheap, rehearsed soundbites that innately accompany politically correct “leaders.” The only “fixing” the Republican Party needs is a cleansing of RINOs. Only then shall the GOP be able to truly move forward and enact the reform they’ve campaigned on for years.

John Kasich is merely a symptom of the RINO problem that exists within the Republican Party. There are many others who must be given the boot as well for the GOP to thrive as it once did. Personal responsibility, low taxes, small government, and liberty are the core values and principles of Republicanism. These must be upheld, and the closet Democrats within the Party must go.

On behalf of the Republican Party, we beseech Kasich to leave immediately. The other RINOs existing among conservatives can go as well. The sooner these people are out, the better. At the end of the day, the support of the American people will always trump the support of backward politicians. Kasich and others like him have made their political allegiances quite apparent. Now the Republican Party must lose the dead weight and secure the success and prosperity of this great nation.

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