John Kasich: “Prominent” Former Republican Congressman to Endorse Joe Biden

Former Ohio Gov. John Kasich said that at least one “prominent” former Republican congressman will endorse presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden this week.

Kasich, a Republican who broke with his party over its support for President Donald Trump, will speak at the Democratic National Convention this week.

During an appearance on CNN, host Wolf Blitzer asked if he expects to see “a significant number of Republicans voting for Biden in November.”

“Look, you’re gonna have a prominent congressman that’s going to come out, and declare, let him do it,” Kasich replied. “I think he’s gonna do it tomorrow.”

Kasich later clarified that he was talking about a former congressman, not a sitting one.

Speculation ensues:

Prior to Kasich’s clarification, Michigan Rep. Justin Amash, who quit the GOP over its support for Trump, said it was not him.

“Trump is just a symptom,” Amash tweeted. “Biden won’t address the causes.”

Others on Twitter speculated that the endorsement may come from former House Speaker John Boehner or fellow former Speaker Paul Ryan.

Kasich says conscience drove him to Biden:

Kasich, who refused to attend the 2016 Republican Convention, told the Columbus Dispatch that his conscience drove him to back Biden.

"I was hoping he would change, but he has not united us; he has divided us," Kasich said. "The level of vitriol, the fighting between citizens and the partisanship is just not good. I think we need to take another tact."

Biden, he said, would be entirely different.

"Biden is a guy who can unify us. It’s his personality, that’s who he is," he said. "There won’t be all this fighting and demonizing going on all the time. It’s not his history. It’s not his style."


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