Joe Biden Wins Wyoming’s Vote-By-Mail Democratic Primary

Former Vice President Joe Biden won the Wyoming Democratic primary days after Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders suspended his campaign.

Biden won more than 72% of the vote while Sanders won nearly 28%, The Washington Post reports.

Wyoming previously held an in-person caucus but this year switched to a vote-by-mail primary instead.

It was also the first year the party used ranked-choice voting to pick their candidates.

The contest was moved to April 19 after it was initially scheduled for April 4.

Delegate race continues:

Biden won 10 pledged delegates in the contest while Sanders earned four.

Sanders said he would try to continue to amass delegates to influence the party platform despite suspending his campaign.

Biden currently has more than 1,300 delegates while Sanders has 939.

Biden needs to win more than 44% of the remaining delegates to reach the 1,991 delegate threshold needed to clinch the nomination.

In 2016, Sanders won the Wyoming caucuses by about 12 points over Hillary Clinton.

Biden keeps moderate lead:

Three new polls show Biden leading Trump by about 5-7% nationally since Sanders dropped out.

A YouGov poll shows Biden leading Trump 48-43.

A Harris poll shows Biden leading Trump 53-47.

An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows Biden leading Trump 49-42.


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