Joe Biden Struggles to Win Over Voters Earning Under $75,000: Poll Analysis

Former Vice President Joe Biden is underperforming among voters earning under $75,000 compared to Sen. Bernie Sanders, according to a Business Insider poll analysis.

Business Insider tracked 10 polls since September to break down how candidates perform with certain groups compared to their overall average. Overall, 54 percent of those polled said that they would be satisfied with Biden as the Democratic nominee but his numbers sag among those earning under $75,000.

Nearly 8 percent fewer voters earning under $25,000 would be satisfied with Biden as the nominee, along with 5 percent fewer voters earning under $50,000, and 1.3 percent of voters earning under $75,000.

Biden has considerably higher satisfaction among those earning over $75,000.

Sanders sees opposite trend:

On the other hand, Sanders would be satisfactory to 54 percent of respondents as well, but his numbers improve among low-income voters.

Nearly 8 percent more voters earning under $10,000 would be satisfied with his nomination, along with nearly 9 percent more among voters earning under $25,000, 2 percent among those earning under $50,000, and 1 percent among voters earning under $75,000.

Biden still surging:

Despite the fissures in the Democratic Party, Biden continues to sit atop most primary polls, even as South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg has risen in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Biden currently holds a 10.7 percent lead over Sanders in the RealClearPolitics poll average, with nearly twice the support of Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and more than three times as much as Buttigieg.

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