Joe Biden Smashes Single-Hour Fundraising Record in First Debate Against Trump

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden raised a record $3.8 million in a single hour during Tuesday’s debate against President Donald Trump, Vox reports.

The campaign broke its own record after raising nearly $4 million during the 10 pm hour, according to campaign officials.

The Democratic National Committee also announced that it had its best fundraising hour after the debate, though it did not say how much.

“Joe Biden spoke directly to the American people tonight and they are responding,” said Biden deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield.

The spike comes after Democrats and progressive groups raised a whopping $300 million since the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Biden won, according to polls:

A CBS News poll found that 48% of voters thought that Biden won the debate while 41% of voters thought Trump won. Another 10% said they felt it was a tie.

A CNN poll showed that 60% of voters believed Biden won compared to just 28% of voters who thought Trump’s performance was best.

"There was no winner, certainly not the United States," said New York Times poll analyst Nate Cohn. "And that makes Biden the winner. He's the frontrunner. It's Trump who needed the win, and I think most anyone would agree, as Chris Wallace said, that the president was largely responsible for the debate."

Voters sound off:

Undecided voters in a virtual focus group hosted by Republican pollster Frank Luntz had generally positive reactions to Biden’s performance but heavily criticized Trump’s antics.

Voters described Biden as "coherent," "better than expected," and a "nice guy lacking vision."

Voters described Trump, on the other hand, as “unhinged,” a “bully,” “arrogant,” “chaotic,” and “un-American.”

One voter said that debating Trump was like “trying to win an argument with a crackhead."


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