Jared and Ivanka Spotted at Mar-a-Lago During Government Shutdown Ban on Vacations

Both of President Donald Trump’s closest White House advisers were spotted on vacation at Mar-a-Lago amid an ongoing government shutdown.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were photographed vacationing in Florida with their three children Wednesday while most of the cabinet remained in Washington DC through the shutdown.

The White House previously said Kushner was a key part of shutdown negotiations and was working with Vice President Mike Pence and incoming chief of staff Mick Mulvaney to work out a deal.

Treasury Sec on vacation too:

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin raised concerns over the Christmas weekend by calling up the heads of all major banks and issuing a statement assuring that there was no “liquidity” crisis, even though that had not even been a concern before his statement.

Mnuchin raised even more eyebrows when it emerged that he apparently made the calls while vacationing with his wife on a posh Mexican resort.

Federal employees banned from vacationing during shutdown:

“Employees who aren’t furloughed during a shutdown can’t take any time off for vacation, illness or religious obligations, according to the government’s Office of Personnel Management rules,” Bloomberg reported. “Effectively, this means that employees who were planning to take time off between the Christmas and New Year’s holidays have to cancel their plans.”

“While countless people are taking time off from work for the holiday, the couple are facing scrutiny because their government jobs should require them to be working back in D.C.,” Yahoo News added. “Kushner in particular was reportedly involved in negotiations to resolve the shutdown over funding for Trump’s proposed border wall.”

Jared and Ivanka slammed for vacationing during shutdown:

“Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner traveling during the Trump shutdown means Secret Service agents who are not currently receiving paychecks missed Christmas with their families so they could escort wealthy nepotists with no conception of public service,” wrote former White House ethics chief Water Shaub.

“Proving once again, rules and laws are for others, not for the Trump crime family — Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner get caught vacationing after the government shutdown canceled and forbid federal employees from taking vacations,” wrote musician Bill Madden.


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