Ivanka Trump: GOP Tax Plan 'A Historic Win For Americans'

Earlier this morning, First Daughter Ivanka Trump appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss the widely controversial GOP tax reform legislation, known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Since its inception, the Republican tax legislation has engendered much discussion and mixed feedback.

While conservatives are certain the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will lower taxes for middle-income families and provide aid to small businesses across the nation, progressives tell a different story. Both Democrats and liberal voters have habitually slammed the GOP tax bill as simply another tax break for the wealthiest Americans. However, Ivanka Trump’s explanation of the legislation attempts to set the record straight.

When asked whether or not the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has “crossed the finish line,” Trump’s response was as follows:

“In business, until it’s done, it’s not done, but we feel very, very confident. The momentum is there, we’re very excited. When the vote is done, we’ll be done, but we’re going to deliver historic tax reform and it’s going to happen before Christmas. It’s going to be the fulfillment of an enormous campaign promise and something that’s just tremendously important for the American people. This is something the people of this country want: they want simplification, they want a tax code that they can understand, they want lower corporate taxes, and understand the benefits: If the companies they work for can invest in their workforces and invest in new equipment, and ultimately lead to wage growth.”

The First Daughter also highlighted individual benefits of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, such as the doubling of the standard deduction, doubling the child tax credit, and credits for adult dependents. As many Democrats have slammed the GOP tax legislation as harmful to Americans, they have conveniently neglected to acknowledge the benefits listed by Ivanka Trump. When asked about the apparent lack of Democrats on board with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the First Daughter affirmed that while the Democratic leadership behind the legislation is absent, many Democratic voters around the country are in favor of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. She moreover noted that “productive conversations” between the administration and Democrats have happened.

Another interesting component of the GOP tax legislation disproving claims that the reform will hurt the middle class is the decrease in tax brackets. When asked why many progressives continue to promote the narrative that middle Americans will be harmed by the Tax Acts and Jobs Act, Trump responded with the following:

“Keep in mind that the vast majority…of Democrats signed a letter in advance of knowing what was in the tax bill saying that they wouldn’t be for tax reform before they read it [and] before any of the details or principles had been released. So, I think we are in a very partisan climate in that regard, but the core principles of tax reform… [have] been very articulate.”

The First Daughter then went on to point out President Trump’s vows to provide “middle-income tax relief” to Americans. Cutting corporate rates, strengthening the competitive abilities of American businesses, and the promotion of economic prosperity were promises made by President Trump and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act follows through on this. Ivanka Trump has also been very active in working with Republicans on tax reform, sharing the ins and outs of it with Americans, and helping to bring the legislation to fruition.

Quite frankly, Democrats are in no position to continuously slander the GOP tax bill. As stated by Ivanka Trump, Congressional Democrats stood against the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act before even reading it. However, as Democrats continue to disparage the Republican tax legislation, their true agenda becomes more and more apparent!

On Sunday, Senator Bernie Sanders appeared on CBS and admitted that corporate taxes would skyrocket under Democrats. Face The Nation host John Dickerson asked Sanders to confirm the following assertion:

“But there’s no question that in order to achieve all of the things you want, taxes are going to have to go up on corporations. If they're down to 21 as a result of this legislation, you can’t find the money anywhere else.”

Sanders immediately confirmed:

“Absolutely, yes, absolutely. In my view, absolutely.”

Ultimately, Democrats lack a plan. They continuously push the unfounded narrative that Republicans will hurt the middle class with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, yet the facts don’t bear this out. Ivanka Trump clearly highlighted the benefits of the tax bill and explained how this piece of legislation would help middle-income Americans.

Until Democrats can actually formulate their own plan to aid middle America, perhaps they should cease ‘resisting’ and actually work with their fellow Congress members to engender some real change and reform for the people of this nation. 

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