It Begins: You're Watching the Meltdown of the MSM

Let me take you back in time. Not very far, just two weeks ago. Late on November 8, 2016, the media elite watched as the election results came pouring in. From state to state the impossible happened: Donald Trump was elected the next President of the United States.

Every poll, every prediction, every statement made by the establishment was proven wrong. Just watch some of their reactions collected by the nice people on YouTube.  You'll see a clutch of arrogant "journalists," pundits, and so-called experts simply melting down over something they were not expecting.

Most of America was expecting it, but apparently not the media.            

Many of them were in tears. I was watching Fox News (simply because I cannot stomach any other network) and even this "conservative" news outlet was stunned by the results. Some were even speechless.

Not one person in the media elite was happy that Trump won.

And that should make you very, very happy.

Why do so many "powerful" people within our media empires hate Donald Trump? Why were they so determined to stop his presidency, that they would lie, distort the facts, cover up Hillary's crimes, and try to make him out to be the very worst man on earth?

Long before Trump entered politics, he was celebrated as a man who helped the black community.  He was a close friend to powerful elites on both sides of the aisle.  His TV show, The Apprentice, was one of the most popular shows on NBC.

Nobody called Donald Trump a racist or homophobe back then. Why would they? He wasn't a threat to their monopoly on power.

But when he announced his goal of running for president, he became the media's enemy number one.

Don't be fooled into thinking it was because he was running as a Republican. Yes, the media is by and large run by liberal zealots; they would have attacked any Republican who gained the nomination. But Donald Trump's real danger is he's not a part of the established cabal of power that is comprised of D.C. insiders, corporations, and the media.

The media has enjoyed a toxic relationship with our government for years. Politicians have known for a long time that you can control public perception by controlling the media. Andrew Jackson knew this and acquired the Globe newspaper to use as his own propaganda machine.  Paul Revere used the power of the media to twist the "Boston Massacre"- an event that was largely an accident- into something that catalyzed the Revolution.

Obama has always been criticized for having a comfy relationship with the media. People close to him and his administration either worked for big news outlets or were associated with them in one way or another.

Despite having protections within the First Amendment, our government wants to control the news we see and read. In return, big media corporations can benefit by having leaders in D.C. pass laws that benefit them, either by allowing them to gobble up smaller papers and companies without regulation or for them to turn a blind eye when they break the law.

Only six companies control 90% of the news you see, hear, or read online. That is tantamount to a monopoly. It's not that farfetched to think that this select few can collaborate on a narrative to shape public perception. Perhaps a narrative like, Donald Trump's a racist and sexist. Or that Hillary Clinton, despite all her crimes, is the best person to be President.

Not only is Donald Trump not beholden to special interests (given that he self-funded his primary campaign and raised money from small donors), but he is not someone that can be easily bullied.  He built his reputation on The Apprentice as an uncompromising boss that demanded the very best from his aspiring employees. This image was shaped from years of building a real estate empire in New York and around the world.

In short, Donald Trump's nobody's bitch. He's a tough New York businessman who conquered Manhattan, despite coming from humble beginnings in the outer boroughs.  He became a popular figure in our culture because of his reputation for holding people and their work to the highest standards and not backing down from a fight.

He has no incentive to kowtow to the media elite. Career politicians, frequently searching for their next windfall, have to play certain games to stay afloat. They can't afford to step on the media's toes, or they will crush them.  A bad story in the New York Times or CNN can sink a senator's chances at reelection.

But what can they do to a billionaire who won the presidency, despite the most concerted effort by the media to destroy a man in American history?

The media elite are in a very bad situation right now. Donald Trump won a decisive victory. Despite the few outbreaks of protests from paid groups, there is very little outrage on the part of most Americans. Half of us voted for him to begin with. The media is learning they are not the ones in charge anymore.

On November 9, the mainstream media woke up to a new reality, one in which they weren't the big dogs anymore. Despite their tireless efforts to destroy Trump, he is the next president. They failed. They could not bamboozle the country into believing he was the monster they made him out to be. Only a small fraction was rioting in the streets. Looking forward, they had two options: course correct and return to honest reporting, or watch as their ratings and support dwindled as they continue to attack the President-Elect.

While the New York Times issued a dishonest letter "rededicating" themselves to honest journalism, it looks like most of the mainstream media are going down with the ship. They continue to attack the President-Elect and his future cabinet members, such as Jeff Sessions and Steve Bannon.  Bitter and angry over their loss, they are determined to undermine Trump's administration.

But already we are seeing the fruit of their sins.

Donald Trump reportedly skewered several top MSM figures during a private meeting, telling them how awful their election coverage was.

Based on a New York Times report, it seems everyone from Lester Holt to Wolf Blitzer and CNN President Jeff Zucker got a piece of the action.

The meeting between Trump and MSM elites was supposed to be off the record, but a few details of the exchange have emerged thanks to anonymous informations speaking with the NYT.

One source, recounting the meeting, said, “The TV execs and anchors went in there thinking they would be discussing the access they would get to the Trump administration, but instead they got a Trump-style dressing down.” (via Milo)

According to reports, Trump fired into Jeff Zucker, head of CNN, as well as top personalities at ABC, NBC, and others. What else did they expect?

I for one balked at their expectation that the meeting was about getting special access to the Trump administration. Did they think, after all the blood they spilled, that Trump would now want to curry their favor? They did nothing but unjustly attack the man for over a year and a half. Now these privileged, self-important hacks thought he was going to placate them.

They must be out of touch with reality, after all.

Donald Trump proved with his election that he does not need the press to reach the American public. On the same day he destroyed the media Illuminati in a private meeting, he posted a video on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube outlining his transition team's progress, including plans for his first 100 days.

You see mainstream media? He doesn't need you. Even if the rumors over Google and Facebook censoring are true, his people will find another way to get their message to citizens.

At a time when traditional media is going through fundamental changes- changes that can destroy what they've built for decades- they still don't seem to get it. Instead of winning over the public with fair and honest reporting, they alienate much of the country by doubling down on their bias.  So determined are they at preserving the sick relationship between themselves, the government, and other power players, they refuse to acknowledge that the ship is sinking.

But that's fine by me. As the media elite slips into obscurity, the new guard will rise to take their place.


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