The Irony Of Clinton's 'What Happened' Tour Escapes Her

In yet another desperate plea for attention, Hillary Clinton announced an upcoming book tour which will feature her upcoming memoir, ‘What Happened,' as reported by CNN. As many people are aware, ‘What Happened’ will discuss Clinton’s take on the 2016 Presidential Election, the FBI’s investigation into her infamous email scandal, and why she was ultimately defeated by Donald Trump.

Clinton’s book tour will start on September 18, 2017. Admission prices are anywhere between $50 to $3,000. Why anyone in their right mind would pay money just to give Hillary Clinton the attention she so desperately craves is unfathomable, but some people certainly will.

Moreover, the interesting title of Clinton’s book is worthy of discussion. ‘What Happened?’ Really? Does Hillary Clinton seriously not know? Is she truly so blind and unaware of why she was brutally and deservingly defeated in last year’s Presidential election?

Contrary to whatever delusional notions Clinton might be harboring or promoting all for the sake of making a buck, she was her own undoing. ‘What Happened’ is that all of Hillary Clinton’s awful misdeeds, scandals, countless lies, and horrific policies came back to haunt her. Clinton was not, and has not been for quite some time, viewed favorably by the American people. She believed the people she wanted to elect her were fools. This was evidenced in myriad ways.

Everyone remembers Hillary Clinton’s admission of having both a public position and private position. In making this confession to banking heads, she admitted that she lies to the American people. Presenting one policy to the public, while privately harboring a contrasting, different stance is typical of dishonest politicians. Clinton epitomized every negative stereotype about politicians, earning the ire of the American people, the ire that would engender her inevitable downfall.

Hillary Clinton was ultimately her own undoing. This is a classic case seen time and time again by nefarious people who believe they can forever run amuck and remain unchecked. After Clinton’s knack for getting away with heavy involvement in shady dealings going back decades, she erroneously and arrogantly believed nothing she said or did could harm her chances of becoming President.

The ‘What Happened’ book tour is yet another manifestation of Hillary Clinton’s malignant, pathological narcissism. She cannot stand that she lost the 2016 Presidential election. In all her notions of entitlement, she believed the Presidency was owed to her and that merely being a woman who worked in government would be enough to carry her across the threshold. Clearly, she was wrong.

At this point, Clinton has concluded that the only way to conjure up the attention she so desperately needs is to publicly attack President Trump. In excerpts from ‘What Happened’ she brands Donald Trump a creep, alleging that he made her skin crawl during the second Presidential debate. Her analysis is quite intriguing. Clinton’s skin sure didn’t crawl when she attended Donald Trump’s wedding to Melania in 2005. Her skin didn’t crawl when she was sandwiched between him and husband Bill Clinton, beaming up at Trump as he spoke. Hillary Clinton is widely regarded as an infamous liar; it’s very interesting how her story changes when she’s lost an election and now wants to sell a book and promote a narrative.

Not too long ago, Fox News Insider compiled a list of all the people, organizations, and entities that Hillary Clinton has assigned blame to for her inability to win the White House last year. Interestingly enough, she is not on that list. Apparently, this reality has not yet sunk in.

Assigning blame to the GOP, Russians, and Putin is to be expected from someone like her. However, Clinton’s decision to condemn the Democratic Party, Netflix, and even Obama [who frequently campaigned for her] simply speaks to Clinton’s inability and unwillingness to accept responsibility for her own actions. Maybe if Hillary Clinton hadn’t deleted 33,000 emails, laughed about defending a man who raped a 12-year-old girl, and presented horrific policies to the American people, she might have stood a chance...or not.

Although Hillary Clinton refuses to recognize ‘What Happened,’ the events as are plain as day to the American people. Clinton is a prime example of an age old reality: the actions we take eventually catch up with us. Hillary Clinton willingly chose to engage in scandal and corruption for the majority of her career. She had to have known karma would catch up with her at some point. In her case, it came in the form of losing the 2016 Presidential election, an election that many people expected her to win.

Hillary Clinton will undoubtedly milk the maximum amount of attention and funds from her book tour. However, at the end of the day, Donald Trump will still be President and Hillary Clinton will go down as the biggest loser in American history.

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