Iowa Democrats Release 71% of Caucus Results Showing Buttigieg, Sanders Way Ahead of Biden

Former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders lead in the Iowa caucuses, according to partial results released by the state’s Democratic Party.

The results remain delayed after a faulty new app used to report the precinct results went haywire. The Iowa Democratic Party blamed the delay on a “coding issue” that they say produced “inconsistencies in the results.”

The party released 62 percent of the results on Tuesday afternoon and released another 9 percent in the evening.

Buttigieg has a slight lead in state delegate equivalents (SDE), which are used to determine the winner, with 26.8 percent of SDEs while Sanders is a close second at 25.2 percent with 71 percent of the vote in.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is at 18.4 percent, former Vice President Joe Biden is at 15.4 percent, and Sen. Amy Klobuchar is at 12.6%. No other candidate received more than 1 percent of the SDEs as the caucuses require candidates to meet a 15 percent viability threshold in every district.

Bernie leads the popular vote:

Though Buttigieg has a slight lead in SDEs, Sanders leads in the popular vote with 26.2 percent while the mayor is at 25.2 percent.

Warren received 20.6 percent of the raw vote while Biden received 13.2 percent.

With 71 percent of the vote in, Buttigieg and Sanders have both been allocated 11 delegates while Warren is at 5 delegates. Iowa has a total of 41 delegates that will be allocated once all the votes are in.

Buttigieg got second round bump:

The party for the first time released the vote totals for the first round and final round of voting.

The numbers show that Sanders led the first round with 24.4 percent while Buttigieg trailed with 25.2 percent. Warren received 18.8 percent of the first round of voting while Biden received 14.7 percent.

The second round numbers show that Buttigieg gained nearly 4 points on the second round, Sanders and Warren gained about 2 points, while Biden lost 1.5 points.

It’s unclear when the party will release the rest of the votes.

The winner of the Iowa caucuses has gone on to win the nomination in every election since 2000.


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